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06/July/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello, ladies and gents!  Hellstormer1 here again, and I gots more goodies for you all.  Today I have added the Incom T-65XJ4 X-Wing "StealthX", Incom T-65XJ6 X-Wing, Incom T-65XJ7 X-Wing, Bothan Assault Cruiser, Republic Engineering Corporation Nebula-class Star Destroyer, Republic Engineering Corporation Nebula II-class Star Destroyer, and the Mon Calamari Shipyards Viscount-class
Star Defender
, all from Star Wars New Jedi Order and Legacy eras.
   The Bothan Assault Cruiser has statistics in Star Wars D20, but was never officially in D6, as it was created after WEG stopped producing new material.  The Nebula, technically, is the Defender Star Destroyer from Cracken's Threat Dossier, yet not.  Apparently, there was confusion in the development of this ship, and what was in the novels, RPG resources and other sourcebooks was never quite the same.  Since then, people behind Star Wars development have done a great job of finally bringing everything together, making sure there was an "official" version of everything in the setting.  In many cases, they say any variant in the past of a thing actually exsited as a prototype or class that other official models were based from. 
   In the case of the Defender Star destroyer. I've always loved the idea behind the ship.  And with the updated artwork I found online, I wanted to try and make some newer stats.  This is what I added to the site as the Nebula-class, because this is what the official name is now, though there are notes that say it is also called the defender-class.  None of it is based on the material from Cracken's Threat Dossier in any way.  All I did was look over information for the Imperial Star Destroyers, online info on the Nebula, and made my own version of the ship as I thought it might be, an advancment or evolution in Star Destroyer design and production.  The Nebula II follows this, in the same manner as the Victory and Victory II and the Imperial and Imperial II Star Destroyers.  While the Nebula II is not official, I thought it was a nice idea.


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