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Mestic sg552 Assault Rifle
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Fema Baab (Human Senator) View Update

26/March/2024 Posted by Freddy

        And a couple of characters from the latest issue of Vader, as today I've added Councillor Xanto (Human Imperial Politician), & Agent Fabarian (Human Imperial Officer) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.


Comments made about this Article!

26/Mar/2024 10:54:33 Posted by GMOverkill

Have you heard back from the Web Hosting Company yet? Their handling of the matter seems to be quite shoddy. Hope they fix the problems they've given you as this is not something that should happen. Best of luck!

Friendly greetings,

27/Mar/2024 10:53:00 Posted by Freddy

They haven't actually responded to me, but have fixed the problem :D
I've been with the same company throughout the existence of RPGGamer, so nearly 22 years. And for the most part I hugely recommend them. Whenever there's been problems, they responded quickly, and often if it led the site to be down for even a day or so, would refund the entire year and provide hosting for free.
However recently things have changed. I run a bunch of different website on their servers, and there's been problems over the past year, and for the last 6 months I've yet to get any response from them. They solve the problem, as they've done here, but I've got 4 open support tickets sitting without a response.
So I might reconsider relocating the site (along with all my others), but the question is where to, AWS doesn't suit and comes with it's own problems, and massive price. And anyone who recommends a hosting service, I have to bear in mind that until a year ago, for the previous 21 years, I would have recommended mine.

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