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Yinchorr View Update

27/April/2024 Posted by Freddy

        A long running joke on the site between Hellstormer (my co-administrator) and me has been him wanting to cook and eat most of the creatures I've uploaded to the site. So over the years we've had him asking for recipes, and asking what the various creatures taste like (probably chicken).
        So, after much time, I've added a bunch of recipes for a number of the Star Wars creatures on the site to their own section (yes it's not really on topic, but the silliness makes me smile), Star Wars Recipes. These pages link to the creature stats, and the creature stats link to these recipes, it's been a lot of work for a silly joke that we've taken way too far.

        On a more serious note, the episode of The Bad Batch this coming week is the series finale, so I'm going to be resuming daily updates after the review of that episode, so I'll be working my way through the episodes of season 3 of the Bad Batch, then I'll be reviewing and covering Tales of the Empire as it is released, and once they're both out of the way, I'll be moving onto the Knights of the Old Republic comic series and working my way through that. So back to normality.


Comments made about this Article!

28/Apr/2024 17:03:14 Posted by Boskov01

Whether it's a running joke or not, it's still a brilliant idea. One thing the Star Wars universe, in my opinion, has been lacking is that knowledge of what kinds of foods are out there. What kinds of dishes and meals one may have in the universe. If you're building an RPG universe or writing fanfiction or what have you, these seemingly small details are such a fine touch to add.

29/Apr/2024 18:21:24 Posted by catsi563

mmmmm nomnomnom

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