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Biitu View Update

08/September/2010 Posted by Freddy

        It's taken me a couple of weeks to get around to this, but you should all be used to me being quite so lazy by now. Anyway, here goes with the Freespace weapons, today I've added GTM MX-50, GTW-41x Advanced Disruptor, GTW-41 Disruptor Cannon, GTW-99 Shield Breaker, GTW-43 Leech Cannon, GTW-7 Banshee, GTW-5 Prometheus, GTW-32 Flail Rifle, GTW-15 Avenger Cannon, GTW ML-16, GTM-3 Tsunami Bomb, GTM-11 EM Pulse, GTM-86 Cluster Bomb, GTM-43 Stiletto, GTM-1 Synaptic Bomb, GTM-9 Interceptor, GTM Phoenix V, GTM-4 Hornet, GTM-2 Fury Missile, GTM-31 Disruptor Missile and GTM-N1 Harbinger Bomb to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the site.
        These are all Freespace 1 weapons, and I intend to come up with rough rules on how weapons can be swapped in and out to the Freespace ships. These weapon descriptions and effects replace the ones on the ships themselves (as at that point I was only roughly saying how much or less powerful they were compared to Concussion Missiles and Laser Cannons).
        Some of them have really interesting effects, and I'd love to hear from people how balanced they think they are.

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