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Meftian View Update

01/November/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Hey everyone.  I guess I'm trying to make up for last weekend.  I got some more goodies for you!  Just added UNSC M6G Magnum Handgun (B model) and UNSC M6G Magnum Handgun (C model), both variants of the handguns used in HALO 3 and HALO: REACH, and both have their pros and cons, but both have the destructive power of the M6D Magnum from HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED.

   And if that wasn't enough, how about more boom for your buck?  We now have Grenade, Frag (M9 HE/DP), Grenade, Plasma (Type-1 Antipersonnel/Antivehicle), Grenade, Spike (Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation), Grenade, Flame (Type-3 Antipersonnel/Antimeterial Incendiary) and Grenade, Flashbang, all added to HALO in Equipment D6.

   Not enough for ya?  Well, then, how about a nuke?  LOL!  Try out the UNSC Medium Fusion Destructive Device (MFDD), also added to HALO in Equipment D6.  This device was seen used in the HALO: REACH commercial "Deliver Hope", which you can watch on YouTube.  It's a very good video, leaves you wishing they would finally make a HALO movie, it's THAT good!  And best of all, the commercials for Halo games over the past several years have all been added as part of the canon for the HALO UNIVERSE setting.  Yeah...THAT good!

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