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Tiber Saxon

Tiber Saxon

Anaxes asteroid belt

Anaxes asteroid belt
Commander Igar

Commander Igar View Update

09/December/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

HellStormer1 here again. By now we have Satchel Charge, Grenade, Thermite, Narq-Dart Pistol, XM510 Multishot Grenade Launcher, ONI Hard-Sound Rifle, Grenade, Sonic, Grenade, Napalm, M111 URCEW Spear Gun, Spartan Machete, and last but not least, M7057/DP Flamethrower, added in HALO UNSC/Human Weapons in Equipment D6. They don't have pics yet (using mobile again) but these are coming soon.
This batch will finish off adding all of the human weapons that had ever been available for use in the Halo game series (save the trip mine, but that was considered 'equipment'). In the 'Expanded Universe' of the setting there happens to be many other weapons and variants (several of which are shown here, and might have been added previously), as well as items and material that were cut from the games before they were finalized. Taking whatever scraps were available, I've tried to add these weapons in with the rest, and will continue to do so for other related material as we go.
A few more weapons, and we get to start on vehicles and equipment, and at some point I'll put up racial stats for SPARTANs to see what people think. Hopefully we'll get some feedback on that one...

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