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Wrist comm

Wrist comm


Pyre View Update

06/January/2013 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello everyone, long time, no see!

I had a spur of inspiration today. Been reading a lot of Trek wiki stuff, seeing what all has been going on with the canon material since the end of the last television series and TNG movies. It's a lot of stuff, and much of it canon, and it's interesting how the newer novel stories link all of the past material together and expand on the setting. It's a lot like Star Wars in novels, actually.

So, after reading all of this info, I got a moment of inspiration and thought to take a crack at something. Seemed fitting to start at the beginning, or pretty close anyways. So I give you Starfleet's first mass produced warp capable space explorer, the NX-Class!

I'm wanting to post this here and see what the fans think. Thinking about doing more as time and stuff permit. Please feel free to leave comments/emails and say what you think. Please be honest. It may not seem very powerful, but it's also an early class of ship, and later models are much more advanced and powerful.

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