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02/February/2014 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hello everyone.  Just wnated to post something I made recently for a new game a friend was running last weekend.  The Grobyc, a cool technology oriented species, inspired by elements of Halo's AIs (Cortana) and Forerunners, Iron Man Extremis, the Borg, the Quoriens from Mass Effect, and maybe a few others.  Enjoy!  *Later that night*  Hello again.  Had the night off from work, and wanted to add the Grobyc Migration Fleet Type-1 City Ship to the update.  Opinions welcome in the comment section!  *Later still* Added the Gravimetric Drive Propulsion System.  *a few days later*  Hello again.  As I've been coming up with ideas for the Grobyc, did a ship up, the Alpha Class Frigate.  It's just the one ship, so thought I'd slip it into this update.  Enjoy!  *2/2/2014*  Hello again for the however manyeth time.  I hopped back on tonight, modified the Alpha Frigate (removed the heavy missile tubes to make it more like a lighter frigate type) and expanded on the Grobyc description.  To anyone interested in them, I highly recommend looking at the sections for The Force and Technology ;) Feel free to leave feedback and thoughts!

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