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BlasTech Industries DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol

BlasTech Industries DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol View Update

19/November/2017 Posted by Freddy

        Day 6 of Rogue One week on, and today I'm doing weapons. Which since Rogue One is supposed to be a war film there are an absolute load of. So today I've added, BlasTech Industries A180 Reconfigurable blaster pistol, DT-29 heavy blaster pistol, BlasTech Industries SE-14r Light repeating blaster, BlasTech Industries A280-CFE Blaste, BlasTech Industries A-300 Blaster rifle, BlasTech Industries A310 Blaster rifle, DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle, BlasTech Industries E-11D Blaster rifle, Morellian Weapons Conglomerate MWC-35c Staccato Lightning repeating cannon, Lightbow and HH-12 rocket launcher to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment/Weapons Section of the Site.
        Which since some of these weapons have variant types included, and a couple are reconfigurable, is an absolute load of different weapon types to add to the game.

        So tomorrow, just a bunch of Characters to mop up, and we'll be done with Rogue One and back to Clone Wars season 3.


Comments made about this Article!

28/Nov/2017 18:58:16 Posted by corkman

How about stats for the U-Wing?

28/Nov/2017 21:21:20 Posted by Freddy

They're done,

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