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29/December/2017 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello. Today I've added the Resistance A-Wing (Kuat Engineering Systems RZ-2 A-Wing), as seen in The Last Jedi's opening space battle, as well as the R-22 Spearhead (A-Wing Prototype), which is the version of the A-Wing depicted in Star Wars Rebels, and probably any other early depictions that show up before Return Of The Jedi.

After watching The Last Jedi, at first I thought the A-Wing's shown may have been holdovers from the previous war with the Galactic Empire. But then I noticed some slight visual/physical differences when I saw the film a second time (yes, I did that, but mostly because I wanted to try out the reclining seats at this other theatre, first time using those, very comfy, loved it, my legs fell asleep, lol). The new A-Wing seems sleeker and longer, and it was only noticeable very briefly in a handful of scenes, and only if you're paying close attention (which I did, because I'm a starship nut!). SO, I went looking for some info. Wookiepedia had nothing (at the time, they have much more info now), but then I found a preview page of Star Wars The Last Jedi Incredible Cross-Sections, which showed the Resistance A-Wing, and it gave me all the info I wanted, and then some.

While reading up on this, I also saw lots of mentioning of the R-22, the prototype starfighter that was developed into the RZ-1, the standard A-Wing we see in Return Of The Jedi. Wookiepedia had a page on this fighter as well, and there were many noticeable differences. So, first I wrote up the R-22, getting a feel for what was different between it and the RZ-1, then circled back around to do the Resistance A-WIng, and voila!

On a separate note, anyone out there have opinions on ship modifications?
  I was thinking back on some of the stuff I put in the Raddus, the Ninka and the Anodyne, maybe refine it a little, and present it as something you might find in Tramp Freighters or one of the other great D6 ship modding books. Love that stuff.

Also, which book is best for capital ship mods?
  When I look in the books, this stuff seems to be rather sparse.

[EDIT: also made some alterations to the Ninka, mostly adjusting the bombs/ordnance, and adding some more info. Might do the same to the Anodyne at some point.

Comments made about this Article!

30/Dec/2017 10:12:55 Posted by Freddy

I'm not aware of anything for Capital Ship Mods beyond the stuff in The Tramp Freighters Guide (Galaxy Guide 6). I see an opportunity :)

30/Dec/2017 10:23:13 Posted by hellstormer1

Hmm, agreed. OK, I'll get some stuff ready. BTW, where would you put mods? In the Equipment area for Starships D6? Or somewhere different, maybe new?

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