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Incom Corporation T-16 skyhopper

Incom Corporation T-16 skyhopper

Jannah (TZ-1719) (Former First Order Stormtrooper)

Jannah (TZ-1719) (Former First Order Stormtrooper)
Nightmare demon

Nightmare demon View Update

09/January/2018 Posted by HellStormer1

Today (tonight?) we now have Phasma (As of The Last Jedi), and Maz Kanata (As of The Last Jedi), and Poe Dameron (As of The Last Jedi).  Phasma has a few small improvements and adds the Command Staff, as well as a note on whther to use it as a powered weapon like a Force Pike, or a non-powered weapon that can do varying damage depending on how she attacks with it.  Or heck, use both versions for two different weapon for her!  Maz has a few small improvments, mostly adding the Jet/Rocket Pack Operations skill and a Jet Pack to her equipment, but also includes some notes at the bottom in Game Design Notes for advice on how to use her in games to expand on what we've seen if her in the movies so far. Poe was pretty straightforward and simple, though in The Last Jedi I would say his role in the story, from a gaming point of view, would be more about the roleplaying aspect, as we see him do quite a lot this time around

And now that I know we can share videos here, thought I'd share one by The Templin Institute on YouTube on the Alliance to Restore the Republic.  Don't knock it before you see it, their videos are well done, and very inspirational.  After what's gone on since the release of The Last Jedi (and even before then), I wanted to share a video that goes back to where it ll started for heroes of the Star Wars galaxy, remind us all about this, and watch a really cool vid.

[EDIT] Also worked on this one for fun, meant to do this a while back, Unity Stardrive Corp McQuarrie II-class DSE, [EDIT] and this, Unity Stardrive Corp Walker-class DSE.


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