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18/January/2018 Posted by Freddy

        Mainly taking a break today before getting back into Clone Wars tomorrow, but couldn't resist making sure this one was done, I've added Edrison Peavey to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        The reason I couldn't resist this one, is that Edrison Peavey is played by the magnificent comedian, Adrian Edmondson. Ade has starred in comedies from The Young Ones, The Comic Strip Presents... and Bottom, to bit parts in Blackadder and now onto more serious roles. He amazed me when he appeared in the episode of Surviving Disaster about Chernobyl, and my respect for him as both a comedian and an actor capable of a surprising level of gravitas in roles knows no bounds. So, as I said, I couldn't resist.


Comments made about this Article!

18/Jan/2018 23:22:57 Posted by hellstormer1

Nice. I'll have to look this actor up and watch their stuff. While you go back to Clone Wars, shall I do more Last Jedi stuff???

19/Jan/2018 07:42:08 Posted by Freddy

Sure you go for it, I think we're down to just the Characters to do.

19/Jan/2018 20:47:33 Posted by Freddy

Just got the Incredible Cross-Sections book for The Last Jedi. We're not down to just the characters, there's so much still to do, so much . . . .

20/Jan/2018 03:48:21 Posted by hellstormer1

Oh I know, I got that book too. That's why I waited, I wanted to see your stuff too man. Those books are nice! BTW, for Incredible Cross-Sections, if you want it all but worry you can't get all the books, all you need do is look for Star Wars Complete Vehicles (The cover has am AT-AT on it, newest version), Star Wars Complete Locations (cover has Ray's AT-AT home in Jakku), along with the book for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Complete Vehicles was published right around or before The Force Awakens, so it doesn't have those vehicles, but Complete Locations does have material from Force Awakens. And the locations seem just as cool as the vehicles.

4 books gets you everything. And if the prices worry you, eBay has you covered for discounts.

20/Jan/2018 14:39:43 Posted by Freddy

Well for about 20 pounds I picked up the Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, the Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections, The Last Jedi Incredible Cross-Sections and the Rebels Visual Guide. All lovely stuff, but annoyingly it took it's sweet time to arrive, and I only got by grubby little hands on them the day after I'd finished my week doing The Last Jedi.

Obviously with doing the Clone Wars, I wanted The Clone Wars Visual Guide, but it's listed at £65.99, which is absolutely ridiculous money for a book. Guess I'll have to continue without it.

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