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15/February/2018 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello everyone. Been in a slump for a hile now. But recently I got into Battlefront II, and got inspired to try something. These stats, some may already exist, but I was taking a crack at trying to convert and trabslate how they work in the game over to the D6 system, and see if the result would be fun. Today we now have the A280 Blaster Rifle, CR-2 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Repeating Blaster Pistol) (my personal favorite), EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle, and the Vanguard Scatter Gun, all in Equipment D6, under "Star Wars Battlefront II" (though I'm thinking of changing that and putting the entries in the general lists with everything else with something like "SWBF2 Conversion" beside the entry names).

The A280 has a pre-existing write-up that can be found in the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, though if you look under "Game Design Notes", I try to give a compelling reason as to why there are two different versions of this weapon.

These weapons come from the Assault class. Assault also has about six other weapons, but these all fall under the "default" weapon, and though they look and sound different when played in multiplayer, they all effectively have the same stats in the game. Despite that, some, or all of these I was wanting to take a crack at too, and see if I could give each of them something to make them stand out more. Some of them I may leave alone, like the stormtroopers' E-11, or the First Order stormtroopers' F-11D which Freddy already did, or the Separatists battledroid E-5, or Clone Army DC-15A. I mean, I could do these, but I feel they are exactly what they should be, simple mass produced blasters for the troops. Depends on if I get some ideas for them at some point. The A280C looks promising though.

The game also has these abilities in "Star Cards", and I was thinking they could be converted into some kind of gear and equpment, and some of it looks like it would be fun to use in a tabletop game.

However, I don't know how much of this I CAN convert. My progress through the game is slow going, mostly because of life and work like anyone else. Assault and Heavy I can do, but Officer and Specialist may be a while, just giving fair warning in case these stop suddenly.

As for more stuff from The Last Jedi, I haven't forgotten about the stuff that hasn't been done yet. Just been thinking it over, wondering how Luke and Leia would be different from their Legends versions, and such. Still thinking on it.

Here's a video from HISHE, How The Last Jedi Should Hve Ended. While funny, it does leave you wondering how the movie might have been if any of these changes had been made to the plot, if it really would have been better. Enjoy!


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