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13/June/2018 Posted by Freddy

The Adventurers Journal

        I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Brian of the Adventurers Journal, who wrote.


        I am the managing editor for the Adventurer’s Journal, a new unofficial and fan made evolved version of the Star Wars Adventure Journal, which supports Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games. We have titled it the Adventurer’s Journal to express our admiration and appreciation for the genre and the game system and to reflect its evolution but also a nod to its contributors who have played many adventures within the confine of the galaxy far, far away.

        As a spiritual successor to the Star Wars Adventure Journal it is our goal to release 15 quarterly issues new content for the game through adventures, stories, articles, original art, and interviews. There will also be an adventure after every fifth issue for a total of 18. Each adventure will be written and showcase the information presented in its preceding issues. These adventures will be our version of Star Wars Adventures Journal issues 16, 17, & 18 the three cancelled issues.

        Issue One was released on May 4th with more quarterly issues following on first Friday of August, November, and February.

        Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind uploading it to this site and help get the word out.

        Hope you’ll join us over at


        Here is a link for issue One

        Well, I've only had a few minutes to have a brief look over, and it looks great so far, a very worthy effort, and I'm only too happy to try to get word out. So please, pop on over and check out their efforts in keeping the Star Wars D/6 flame alight.


Comments made about this Article!

16/Jun/2018 20:56:02 Posted by hellstormer1


22/Jun/2018 15:18:15 Posted by Horsemanwar101

Hello Freddy,

Daniel Sperelli here, the continuity editor of the Adventurer's Journal. Thanks for posting and helping spread the word. I pitched to Brian that we needed to get in touch with you about RPGGamer because I've followed your site for years now and absolutely love it. I consider you a big part of the Star Wars D6 community, right along with Oliver Queen's D6 Google group, the Rancor Pit and D6Holocron. Look for us to be releasing an even more amazing #2 in August.

22/Jun/2018 15:49:58 Posted by Freddy

Hi Daniel,
I'm looking forward to it, great work to you and your entire team, brilliant work. I'm planning to ramp up releases here on RPGGamer in the future (can't promise to keep up the momentum forever, but trying our best), and should have some interesting news in around a week or two.

28/Jun/2018 23:41:38 Posted by hellstormer1

Guys, question for you both. Did anyone ever do a fan-made adventure to follow up after the events of Kathol???

01/Jul/2018 16:03:55 Posted by Horsemanwar101


Interesting question. Not to steal anything away from Freddy and pirate RPGgamer, but that may be something I could pitch to the Adventurer's Journal for a future issue. Perhaps something will come about after Kathol

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