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Swokes Swokes
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Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Setekh Class AWACS Ship
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16/September/2018 Posted by Freddy

Cyberpunk 30th Anniversary

        I have to admit only playing it once, but I was a massive fan of the style of the original Cyberpunk RPG, and the updated version Cyberpunk 2020 (although I never bothered with Cyberpunk 0.3, or CyberGeneration) by R Talsorian Games. The style I particularly liked, with a Sci-fi edge that many cyberpunk games (including Shadowrun which I adored also) didn't have.
        Whereas most games of the Genre were in a crumbling society, Cyberpunks world was definitely super high tech, with Chrome cyberware evolving at an incredible rate, with travel available across the solar system, and a massive sub-class which didn't get to take advantage of the comforts that technology was giving the rich.
        I loved poring the sourcebooks as they came out, seeing the imagination that was involved as the world began to include powered armour, full cybernetic body replacements, etc. It looked great, and it looked kind of sexy.
        Well, it's been 30 years since the first edition came out, and with hype building towards the Cyberpunk 2077 game, and a new version of the RPG, Cyberpunk Red, now in the works. R Talsorian games has began a week celebrating their RPG, check it out on their site.


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