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Andoan (Alcoholic Beverage)

Hamato Xiono (Human New Republic Politician) {as of Ahsoka}

Hamato Xiono (Human New Republic Politician) {as of Ahsoka}

Sarna View Update

20/September/2018 Posted by Freddy


        If you pay attention to our Youtube channel, you'll know that for the past 2 months we've been working on an online system to play Star Wars D6 using. It includes a character creator, and system to allow online play. This system we've provisionally titled BeyondD6.
        Although we've got a load of plans to add other features to the system, it already is capable of aiding in Tabletop gaming and online play by moderating Dice rolls and sharing documents and information to players.
        So we started Alpha testing the system last week with a new group of players that we're introducing to the West End Games version of the Star Wars RPG through the system, and it's providing interesting feedback and helping us fix a whole load of bugs.
        Well, we've decided that for the Beta testing we're going to open the system up to a bunch more players. In fact, to anyone who wants to take part. There will be a short survey before the beta testing begins (which may not be for a month or two), to help us identify the hardware and platform you'll be using the system with (to aid with bug testing) and your familiarity with the D6 system (to help us make the system easy to use for new users).
        So if you're interested in taking part, then please head on over to and register your interest.
        Many thanks in advance.


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