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Commander Vivant (Human Imperial Officer) View Update

12/November/2018 Posted by Freddy

Retro RPG: Paranoia

        This week we look at the Roleplaying Game of a darkly humorous future.
        The Computer is your friend, Trust No One and Keep your Laser Handy, Paranoia is set in Alpha Complex, surviving a nuclear war it protects it's inhabitants from mutants and the commie menace.
        However, it's unaware of two things, what commies are! and that all of the clones in Alpha complex are mutants.
        The players play Troubleshooters, who find trouble and shoot it, each hiding their mutation and secret society affiliation from each other, the discovery of which will lead to termination.
        Basically trying to out their team-mates as commie traitors, before they themselves are outed. A chaotic game, where death is common (but it's okay, you're a clone, so quickly replaced by an identical copy), and player conflict isn't discouraged, it's actually the aim of the game.

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