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08/February/2019 Posted by Freddy

Top 5: ZX81 Role Playing Games

        As part of a series on the top RPG's on each system, this time we'd like to present our top five RPG's on the Sinclair ZX-81.
        The ZX-81 is a computer released in 1981, and it's main design concept was cheapness. It shipped with a massive 1 kilobyte of memory, and was powered by a superfast 3.25 megahertz Zilog Z80 processor. It could display both colours, both black and white, had no graphics or sound processors at all, and a screen resolution of 64 pixels by 48 pixels.
        With the screen occupying around 3/4 of it's 1 kilobyte memory, most owners added a 16 kilobyte Ram Expansion, called a Rampack into the back of the machine, which would often move during play, causing a crash or a reset, which we called Rampack Wobble.
        You connected the machine to the aerial socket of your normal television set for it's display, and for loading software you connected it to a normal cassette recorder, and used the standard audio cassettes of the time.
        And it was my First Computer, which I still possess, proudly displayed on my wall.
So, what kind of games were available on this system?
        Well for all of its limitations there were a surprisingly varied amount, from Flight Simulators, to shoot em up's, to maze games, but with it's limitations, very few could actually be described as Role Playing Games, so we're going to stretch the term here into games in which you played a role, or which were inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons Phenomenon which was growing at the same time as this computer was released.

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