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The Colossus

The Colossus

Modon Kira (Beast Lord of Onderon)

Modon Kira (Beast Lord of Onderon) View Update

18/September/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Well, closing off another poll, and Grand Admiral Thrawn has won, something which has taken me totally by surprise as I fully expected Vader to romp home as he often does in our polls. This is rather impressive for a character created in a trilogy of novels some 15+ years old, who died a fairly ignoble death at the end of that trilogy (basically for a guy who knows how everyone reacts (by studying their cultures and art) and how to manipulate them to achieve his goals, he gets stabbed and says "Oh, I didn't expect that"). I'm also guessing that Episode 3 is having an effect on Palpatines popularity, since I remember in pre-episode 3 polls he never had a particularly good showing. But anyway, the full results were. . .

Who is the best Star Wars Villain?
Emperor Palpatine
 [tally] 33
Darth Vader
 [tally] 34
Darth Maul
 [tally] 2
Darth Tyranus
 [tally] 0
General Grievous
 [tally] 8
Grand Moff Tarkin
 [tally] 16
Grand Admiral Thrawn
 [tally] 71
Boba Fett
 [tally] 10
Darth Malak
 [tally] 1
Darth Sion
 [tally] 0
Darth Nihilus
 [tally] 14
Darth Krayt
 [tally] 4
votes: 193

         And as always, when one poll closes, another opens. Due to the Hollywood inability to come up with new ideas, old movies are getting remade (hell, they're even going to remake Highlander, and that only came out in the 80's), and seeing them remaking "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (infamously in my group of friends "that old movie" that K read from my mind without any extra help) with an environmental feel to it this time (in the original, humans were achieving space travel and had nuclear power but are warlike, so the aliens of the galaxy came down to warn us if we took our wars out to the stars they'd wipe us out. This time, we're destroying the environment, and the aliens who are worried about a bunch of animals and plants they've never seen or are likely to see, decide to warn us to mend our ways or they'll wipe us out. Hmmm, doesn't sound exactly a well thought out remake to me).
         Anyway, seeing that they're remaking old movies, I wondered which old movies are popular among our visitors. I've tried to compile a list of old classics, obviously I've missed some (Metropolis springs to mind), which as always is biased on my own preferences. So have a look, have a vote, and let me know. Thanks.

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