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15/February/2019 Posted by Freddy

Top Five: RPGs on the Commodore 64

        Hello and Welcome to this episode of RPGGamer Top 5s, and this time as part of a series on the top RPG's on each system, we're going to be doing the top five RPG's on the Commodore 64.
        Commonly referred to as the C64 or CBM 64, it was released in 1982 by Commodore Business Machines, it has 64 kilobytes of RAM, hence the name, powered by a MOS Technology 6510 running at 1.023 MHZ in the US, or 0.985 MHZ in the UK, the differing television frequencies required for NTSC or PAL accounting for the difference.
        But the processor wasn't what made the C64, it was the custom chips. With a VIC2 graphics chip capable of 320 x 200 pixel resolution in 16 colours with 8 hardware sprites, the C64 excelled at moving things around the screen for action games. The sound chip is the almighty SID 6581 chip, with three channels, which was far beyond anything else available at the time being capable of some amazing tunes when used by a skilled composer.
        The C64 rapidly became the biggest selling computer of all time, with an estimated 17 million units sold. This is an enormous number for a computer, seeing as the number 2 on the list is the Commodore Amiga at 6 million units.
The range of games available for the system is absolutely vast, with around 10,000 commercially released titles, so we're really only going to scratch the surface of what was available, and really this is just a selection of those that I personally played.

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