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08/March/2019 Posted by Freddy

Top Five: RPGs on the Nintendo 64

        Hello and Welcome to this episode of RPGGamer Top 5s, and as part of our series on the top RPG's on each system, today we're going to be doing the top five RPG's on the Nintendo 64.
        The Nintendo 64, usually just called the N64, while an extremely capable console for the time, was seen as the first crack in Nintendo's grasp on the Console market, after the NES and SNES both were massive successes, the N64 sales were still a long way from a failure, but amounted to only 32 Million worldwide.
        The main failure of the N64 was seen to be it's reliance on cartridges as the market moved away onto optical media such as CD's, which were cheaper to produce, stored more, and allowed multi disk games with streaming video and audio. This reliance caused the loss to Nintendo of one of the largest names in JRPG's, Square. Perhaps the most famous of their games, Final Fantasy 7 actually started as an N64 game, but the massive amounts of data forced Square to move over to the Playstation, where the game was the second highest selling game on that platform.
        This limitation effected the number of RPG's on the system, and so I'm going to once again be stretching the definition.

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