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Arihnda Pryce (Imperial Governor) View Update

16/October/2008 Posted by Freddy

        I know its starting to sound like the bad old days when the site never got updated, but although in theory I was supposed to have tonnes of time free this week due to a holiday, I've actually spent most of it in hospitals. Nothing to do with my own health, but my mother and my sister in law were both in hospital for different reasons, but both are now out. My mum is being re-admitted for surgery next week, to get a growth removed from her guts which apparently measures some 19cm by 14cm. As the only locally living relative, its been up to me to relay information to the family, plus do all the running about, from feeding her cat, to making sure she's got clean clothing to wear while she's in hospital.
        This again has unfortunately meant the site has to be put to the side. Hopefully things should be back to normal next week, but it may be the week after before I can update.
        Apologies for this, but normal service will be resumed shortly.

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