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16/March/2019 Posted by Freddy

Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-Series Designer

        Well something a little different to add to the site today, the Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-Series Designer.
        Originally this was planned to be an addition to BeyondD6 that we're building, but it didn't seem to quite fit, so we decided to move the code on over here, where it fits in a little better.
        What is it? It's a bit of code where you can select bits from various YT-Series ships, such as the YT-1300, YT-1760, YT-2000, YT-2400 and a couple of others, as well as bits from some other Star Wars ships, and mash them together to build your own custom YT-Series ship, such as the examples shown in the logo.
        We may return and add to it, but it just seemed like an obvious idea and a bit of fun after we bought the Haynes YT-1300 Owners Workshop Manual, which we can't recommend highly enough as it's a wonderful resource of information on the entire series of vessels.
        As always, any comments or suggestions, just let us know.


Comments made about this Article!

17/Mar/2019 07:55:07 Posted by

I really like this, is there any chance of something like this for light to medium sized starships or would it be much too much work

17/Mar/2019 09:09:02 Posted by Freddy

The code would support changes to almost any type of vessel.
But I don't think most of those share enough common features for it to work particularly well. With the YT's, they all share certain elements (Circular main hull, Mandibles, Cockpit, Engines), so swapping them out was pretty easy and looks okay. I'd be worried that for other ships, they'd either look weird, or all look too similar.
But if you've got some images you could point me towards of what kind of ships you mean, then send em though and I'll have a look, you may just inspire my imagination.

17/Mar/2019 12:01:54 Posted by

That is a fair point but a lot of ships share similar shapes and many of them don't look weird to the point of looking wrong (the last two wrong looking ships I saw were both cannon designs), I'll give it some thought and get back to you, as a general thought though I like rectangular and cylindical main hulls and of course the dagger is always good if you have room for it

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