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Mart Mattin
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23/August/2019 Posted by Freddy

Top Five: RPGs on the MSX

Welcome to this episode of RPGGamer Top 5s, and this time we're going to list the top RPG's on the MSX.
The MSX was a standardized home computer architecture, announced by Microsoft in June 1983. It was conceived and marketed by Kazuhiko Nishi, the then vice-president at Microsoft Japan and director at the ASCII Corporation. Nishi conceived the project as an attempt to create unified standards among various home computing system manufacturers of the period.

Comments made about this Article!

23/Aug/2019 22:40:12 Posted by Vaughn99

I have been emulating for years and It had always bothered me, with all this technology there is not some simple translator for so many games that came out in Japan and NOT in the USA/English translation we could be enjoying!! Unless I missed a big program!? This is mainly in the RPG section as most others don't really need a full translation if you mess around with it long enough if it held your interest.

24/Aug/2019 06:54:56 Posted by Freddy

That's an outstanding idea, and the technology should be fairly simple with the advent of Google Translate API's, you'd just need to send off the character data and display the responses.
It's something which doesn't particularly bother me, since emulation wise I tend to be returning to systems and games I owned to replay stuff, so english versions exist.

25/Aug/2019 02:32:10 Posted by Vaughn99

I hear you as I do mainly play mt youth favorites but have found some Japanese gems I never heard of as I go through system by system (been stuck on Genesis for some time now just hard to carve out time again but hey its suppose to be fun not a chore), but I liked Y's books and they had parts IV and V only Japanese same with Dragon Slayer great game but DSII is Japanese only those are some TG16CD stuff there are quite a few other for that system alone. The same goes with the Genesis Phantasy Star series, Shinning in the Darkness. Each system has many core RPGS that some later additions weren't translated, like Final Fantasy which is a hard one to follow as, please don't hold me to precise crossovers part III is like part IV in Japan and the FF series is a mess but we didn't get them all here in the USA.

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