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07/January/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Happy New Year, and welcome back. I hope everyone has recovered from the christmas season, and have to admit that it was a lot more stressful for me than these seasons usually are. But anyway, before I get back into the additions from DLOS that I've been doing (hell I'm only about 50 into the 700 or so that I've been able to retreive from DLOS, so it may take some time), a couple of wonderful contributions from the ever fantastic Hellstormer. Today I've added, M41-A Pulse Rifle to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment section, and I'll use the full description Hellstormer sent through to accompany this addition to the Star Wars D/6 Character Section, Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. This man was stronger than Luke ever became, gave birth to the Rebel Alliance, and in the end kicked Vader's ass and went toe-to-toe with the Emperor himself, buying time for the Rebels to escape before dying from the energies being unleahsed between the two of them. He starts as a youth trained in the ways of the Sith, overtly using Telekinesis and Lightning powers, while learning other abilities during the story, eventually leaving the dark path for that of the Jedi, and in the end becoming a hero.

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