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Rockhopper View Update

04/October/2019 Posted by Freddy

Top 5 Tabletop RPGs

        Welcome to this episode of RPGGamer Top 5s, and this time we're going to do the top 5 Tabletop RPG's.
        So, this is a controversial one, while everyone's got their favourite video games on different consoles, most people can respect other opinions, but with Tabletop RPG's people invest serious amounts of time and effort into their chosen game, writing character backgrounds, shaping the worlds, making content, so this is a more personal decision.
        Now we could just list our favourite RPG's, which to tell the truth wouldn't really match up with the list we're about to run down, but if did that, it would attract a lot of criticism as there's only so many times we can rave about Star Wars D6, but it would just be our personal opinion anyway.
        So what we did was arranged a poll on one of the larger polling sites, and then we waited, and a few long weeks later we got the results the quantity of which blew us away.
        We got back a list of over 100 different RPG's, and 10's of thousands of votes cast, which was amazing. So after a bit of processing to account for different editions of RPG's, and some reading, as a bunch of them we'd never even heard of, we assembled this list. The contents of which didn't really surprise us, but we certainly didn't expect them in this order.

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