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Rain (Real Name: Zannah) (Human Sith Apprentice)

Rain (Real Name: Zannah) (Human Sith Apprentice)
Durges swoop bike

Durges swoop bike
Jyn Obah

Jyn Obah

Alashan View Update

31/October/2019 Posted by Freddy

Wanting an Opinion!

        So, just over a year ago we released our Solo: A Star Wars Story OpenD6 RPG, and it's been downloaded quite a bit (some 4000 times). Well it takes some time to put a book like this together, which takes me away from daily updates.
        So the opinion I'm looking for is whether I should do more of these books? I'd orignally wanted to do an Entire Clones Wars Sourcebook, A Rebels Sourcebook, and a Marvel Star Wars Sourcebook. Now the Marvel book is the one I've got planned out best, with each story getting its own section, with stats and characters embedded within each story. My plan for the Clone Wars book was for it to be another full set of rules, this time including the force, so you'd have a book to use if you just wanted to game during the Clone Wars without having all the Galactic Civil war material in it as well.
        Anyway, let me know what you think about these books, and whether you think it's a good use of my time?


Comments made about this Article!

31/Oct/2019 19:08:55 Posted by gargolin

I love the solo sourcebook. Do more, please

01/Nov/2019 17:55:37 Posted by Catsi563

Ill add to the chorus for do more, but only as you have the time to do so,

06/Nov/2019 15:36:25 Posted by princedarkstorm

Yes! I would certainly add them to my collection !

07/Nov/2019 20:55:36 Posted by Pep

Yes. Everything you do here is great!

12/Nov/2019 10:16:00 Posted by Freddy

Cheers guys, I had never been sure how the Solo book had been received, and I'd certainly have made some different choices if I'd done it now. So it's really nice to hear it was appreciated, and that you'd like to see any others I do.

So, I'm going to start doing the Tales of the Jedi era graphic novels after I'm done with this brief journey into Droids. But I'll put aside a week here and there to put together a Marvel Star Wars sourcebook, and maybe even Rebels and Clone Wars.

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