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Toul (Human Jedi)


        "Children need encouragement. If a kid gets an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess. That way he develops a good, lucky feeling."- Jack Handey.


        Added Kaminoan Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 GamesMaster Statistics Section. I also trimmed down this page somewhat, since the link exchange banner at the bottom of the page had expired some weeks ago, and the voting code for the Star Wars Reviewed Sites page had stopped working since their page has totally disappeared off the Internet.

        Well the end of another good year for and a particularly good year for me personally. The site has seen its visitors grow by about 50%, and has had a recorded 47760 visitors viewing 165322 pages between them. Not many for some web sites, but a fantastic year for us and we thank each and every one of you.

        Personally, I got married, and my wife is pregnant, due to give birth in February. Also I moved house, got my Batchelors Degree in Computer Networking and started on my Masters Degree in Information Technology, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

        Well, what else can I say, its been a good year and hopefully 2005 will be as good in every way. is going to keep on running and we've got many, many ideas left to do before we even begin to think about slowing down or quitting :-D. So all that left to say is thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site over the last year, who has contacted us, and who has visited us in the last year. We hope to see you all in the next year and want to wish you a very,



        Added a new Editorial to the site, and Nemodian Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 GamesMaster Statistics Section.


        Added Galactech "Dalas-Brac" Class Starfighter Carrier to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, more original artwork by "Bob the Dinosaur".


        Due to problems with Spam and Porn redirections getting put into the Guestbook, we've stopped using the old off-site guestbook, and started using one which we have far more control over. Please feel free to leave comments in it, and many thanks to those who used the old one, even if at times it was horrendously full of junk.


        Today I've added the G-3PO Gunnery Droid (Modified Cybot Galactica M-3PO Military Protocol Droid) and the SoroSuub PHG-3 Personal Magnetic Harpoon Gun to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section, both of which were submissions by Slinger. Many thanks to him for these great additions to the site, and hopefully within the next few weeks we'll have some more submissions which have been offered by some of the sites visitors. Many thanks to everyone who offered stats for the site, and many more to those who actually send them in :-D.

        Sometimes no matter how good the will, no amount of effort can get an update done, so sorry for the gaps in updates lately, but I've had masses of family commitments. Hopefully in the near future we're going to have a couple of other sources of updates, so even if I continue to be rushed off my feet the site will continue, however please don't take this as any hint that I may be abandoning, I've still tonnes of ideas, and tonnes of commitment to the site even if my time is limited. So will continue, and with any luck it will continue to get better and bigger for a long time to come.

        I'd like to point out that Dark Lords of the Sith is back up and running (although some of their stats have gone temporarily missing). Good to see one of the sites that I've always seen as the best and brightest Star Wars RPG sites on the Internet return. Good luck to them in their efforts to return their site to its full glory.


        Added Vertizon Construction Yards Star-Manta Frigate to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, more original artwork by "Bob the Dinosaur".


        Added Imperial All Terrain Command Post to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section.


        Added Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/sn Sentinel Scout to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section.


        Added Galactech PH-20 Energy Staff to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section, more original artwork by "Bob the Dinosaur".


        Nothing much today, a couple of mistakes fixed here and there, and remembered that I'd forgotten to put the Xmas decorations up yesterday.


        Added Gallofree Yards YKL-37R Nova Courier to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section.

        And another poll ends, its been a fairly popular one, with Han Solo creeping ahead in the final days to just beat The Man with No Name (funnily enough they're broadcasting those 3 movies over the next 3 nights in the UK). Luke Skywalker who won last year comes third, and was always one of the three most popular, leading the field in the first few days. Anakin Skywalker, and Ellen Ripley trail behind with the rest of the field barely off the starting line. The full results look like . . . .

        Well the last couple of days I've started to play Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, which I'm enjoying greatly, even if I don't think it quite has the epic feel of Redemption. But it started me wondering what you, the visitors to, thought was the best Computer RPG of all time. Now I know I've missed a lot of games out, all of the MMORPG's for a start, and some others such as Diablo, Dungeon Siege, the Wizardry series, and many many more. But we had to whittle it down to 12 (which is the maximum our poll software handles), and these were among the favorites with us here at So please vote, I'd love to know if the old classics stand a chance against some of the marvels which are being released recently.


        Added Sienar Fleet Systems VT-49 Decimator Assault Transport to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section.


        Added SoroSuub EG-40 Laser Trip Mine to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section.


        Added Tenloss Syndicate Disruptor Rifle to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section.


        Added Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section.


        Added Bryar Technologies Heavy Blaster Pistol to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section.

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