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 XL 5115 Podracer (Custom Racing Vehicle)

XL 5115 Podracer (Custom Racing Vehicle)
BG-J38 {Beegee} (Gambling Droid)

BG-J38 {Beegee} (Gambling Droid)
Draiven Bosh (Moldwarp Collector)

Draiven Bosh (Moldwarp Collector)
Corellian Engineering Corporation Baleen-class heavy freighter

Corellian Engineering Corporation Baleen-class heavy freighter


        "Some people call me the Space Cowboy. However I wish my crew would stop doing it right after we’re captured by the Imperial Space Brigade and questioned about who stole all the Martian cattle."- Unknown.


        Added Selkath Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section.


        Well there hasn't been an update for a few days due to two factors, firstly I've had a stinking cold and haven't wanted to move especially for non-essential reasons, and secondly because the update today has taken a couple of days work to put together and is perhaps the largest single update I've done for this site. It incorporates revised lightsaber construction rules to allow the creation of Multi-Crystal Lightsabers as used in the X-Box and PC game "Knights of the Old Republic", it also has D/6 conversions of the Crystals found in the first KoTOR game, as well as rules covering the variant lightsaber types found on this site and random charts to determine the colour of a lightsaber crystal. So hopefully you'll forgive the late update, and will find our "Knights of the Old Republic" Style Multi-Crystal Lightsabers addition to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section and to the House Rules sections to be somewhat useful.


        Well today we've added a large addition to the site (to make up for the lack of updates lately). Hardware is a complete sourcebook for Star Wars D/6 by Benjamin Lamberth, it has loads of great equipment, weapons, droids, vehicles and cyberware. We'd like to thank Benjamin for this fantastic addition he's allowed us to put up onto the site, and we'll be adding a link in the next few days to allow you to download the whole sourcebook in PDF format for printing and more convenient use.


        Decided to make a pointless and totally worthless change to the site, changed the GamesMaster Statistics Page name and link to Characters to hopefully make clearer what is stored on that page (its something that has been commented on in the review of the site some 2 years ago, I may be slow, but I get there in the end :-D). My last exam tomorrow, and a massive update planned for the day after that to make up for the lack of updates lately.


        Updates will be a little sparse for the next week or so, since I've got my Exams crammed into this week. However I intend to start working my way through Knights of the Old Republic when I get back into the site after my exams.

        However, the important business of closing another poll doesn't wait for my exams, and a poll which the aforementioned Knights of the Old Republic wins by a considerable margin. In fact its a good poll for Bioware since Baldurs Gate comes second still noticably ahead of the competition, with the Final Fantasy series, the two Vampire games, and the Ultima series of games all lagging behind. The full results were . . . . .

        The new poll has also been activated, one which Star Wars can't win this time :-D, so this time I want to know which Superhero Movie you think is the best of all time ? So please vote and let us know.


        Added Old Republic All Terrain Assault Raider (AT-AR) to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section.


        Added Genosian Aristocrat Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 GamesMaster Statistics Section.


        Added Toydarian Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 GamesMaster Statistics Section.


        Added Dug Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 GamesMaster Statistics Section. I've been meaning to do stats for the species out of "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones" for some time, and have recently taken a brainstorm to get them done (as well as it being fairly easy since all the background is already written for them), so you can expect this to continue for the next few days as well.


        Added Gungan Player Character Species to the Star Wars D/6 GamesMaster Statistics Section.

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