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Galactech "Grand Fury" Ground Assault Tank
Teeka (Jawa Trader)

Teeka (Jawa Trader)
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Eugroothwa (Wookiee Pilot)



QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Virgo: (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
        After 36 hours of beatings fail to wrest a confession out of you, Interpol will just forge your signature. - The Onion


        Added New Republic Arms Angel Missile Launcher to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Roche Hive Scorpion Walker to the Star Wars Vehicles Section. Late update today, not though overwork for a change, more burn-out really, and a serious case of can`t be bothered. But I`ll get over it soon :-) .


        Added Arakyd Turret Droid to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Corellian Engineering Corporation YSS-01 Deep Space Scout and Areotech Toth Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section. Two sets of stats today in attempt to make it up for yesterdays lapse, however still been harrassed by way too much work from college to do anything else. Ho-Hum.


        No update today due to a family/college work overload, which has just enabled me to sit down at 10 to midnight. A sad news day today as well, Hogshead Publishing, who prints Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and SLA Industries amoungst others, is retiring from the game publishing business. This is truly sad news as it leaves Warhammer and SLA out of print (again), meaning that such marvels as Enemy Within 5, The Elves book and the Shaktars book for SLA may never see the light of day. As a fan of the Hogshead product lines (I GM Warhammer, I`ve just started to get into SLA, and I`m an enormous fan of Violence), this is what I can only (for the 3rd time) call a sad day, with the end of one of the only remaining true innovative games companies left.


        Added Trade Federation Assault Droideka to the Star Wars Equipment Section. I would love to have enough spare time to update some of the other sections, however I`m still being swamped by college work (how many SQL databases can they expect you to do in one week), anyway dependant on what I get given to do tomorrow, I might have time on Wednesday to do something other than my usual daily update, so if you`ve been waiting for something else then cross your fingers and we`ll see what happens.


        Added Kaminoan Saber Dart Rifle to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added BlasTech E-162 Repeating Blaster Pistol to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Kuat Delta-1 Jedi Prototype Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added SoroSuub X-40 Sports/Utility Speeder to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Imperial All Terrain Tactical Transport (ATTT) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section. The Attributions should now be correct, however if you notice any errors, if you let me know and i`ll fix it.


        Added Incom VX-900 "Hellcat" Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section. The second of the contributions by K, and very much appreciated it is.

        Had someone abusing the Poll system today, when they voted once for "supper man" and 48 times for "superman", i`ve cleared these voted off the system, and added IP blocking so that once you`ve voted you are blocked from voting from the same IP address again for a certain amount of time. Hopefully this will solve a problem that I really hadn`t forseen happening.

        Work has continued with the clarification of the attribution in the pages, and are now 50% done so should be finished tomorrow.


        Added Industrial Automaton A-10 Astromech Droid to the Star Wars Equipment Section (which is the first set of stats by K to be featured on the site) and a FAQ to the main menu. The site has been reviewed by Star Wars RPG Reviewed Sites where it was rated 7 out of 10. I`ve taken on board their comments and started changing the attribution on the pages as suggested. I`ve also added a link to their page on the opening page of the site, and put their voting form on as well. The review is really appreciated, and I`m very grateful for them doing it, I`ve also commented on it in the Forum, and would appreciate any comments on what I`ve said.

        The third user poll has now ended, the results can be viewed here. Essentially, people voted that we should continue supporting Star Wars D/6, beating the support for Star Wars D/20 content by about double the number of votes (the strange thing is, the number of votes for D/20 doubled in the last 24 hours). There was also a minor amount of support for RPG Hints and ideas. This will be taken on board, we`ll keep on as we are going, and may start support for D/20 at some time in the future, but it will not be a priority.


        Added Trade Federation C-8025 Rapid Deployment Landing Ship (RDLS) to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Cybot Galactica SP-4 Analysis Droid to the Star Wars Equipment Section and Trade Federation Assault Land Cruiser (ALC) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.


        Added Kuat Drive Yards Corona-A Cruise ship to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Corellian Engineering Corporation YB-300 Freighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added SoroSuub Laser Bazooka to the Star Wars Equipment Section and Sienar TIE "Cluster" shuttle to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Aratech 74-A Speeder Bike to the Star Wars Vehicles Section. Bought the DVD of Attack of the Clones today (which is why this update is late), great quality reproduction, the first DVD where I`ve really been impressed with picture quality, pity the film is pretty rubbish though.


        Added Naboo Destroyer to the Star Wars Vehicles Section. Well, I meant to do an update yesterday, but ended up watching Sleepy Hollow instead, hum-ho. Although I`ve got a couple of Last Words storys waiting to be written, Adventure Ideas to be written up, and a couple of my adventures to be editted for upload, I`m afraid time this week will be working against me. I might do one or more of the above, but it will be instead of my usual stats updates. Sorry about this, but college work has really started to pile on now, but if I make it my priority now, I`ll have time later for this site.


        Added Sienar SIE Courier to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added SoroSuub O-Wing Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added TriLex X-80 Stingray Starfighter and Trade Federation C-9997 Assault Landing Ship to the Star Wars Starships Section.


        Added Genosian Nantex Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section. Sorry for the late update, but I snoozed off this evening and had a comfortable 4 hour nap, which was unusual in that the locals seem to have taken the opportunity to celebrate bonfire night (a UK celebration) by performing a recreation of the Blitz. Also this evening I started recieving bounced e-mails from various ISP`s of an e-mail sent from an "", since I`m the only one with an e-mail address, this is obviously some spammer (tw*t) who has harvested the domain name and started sending out his cr*p to all and sundry. I`m looking up what I can do to redeem my good (ish) name.


        Added Cybot Galactica JN Analysis Droid to the Star Wars Equipment Section.


        Added Trade Federation Droid Starfighter to the Star Wars Starships Section. No update yesterday because I went up to Glasgow for a wander round the gaming stores, and had a chat with Tom (owner of the Dragon and George) who is our local wierd gaming store owner (a real "Weird Pete"), but by the time I got home it was time to head off to the game itself.


        Added Self Propelled Heavy Artillery - Turbolaser (SPHA-T) to the Star Wars Vehicles Section.

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