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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Akira Armor Co Soltan Battle Suit

The Soltan Battle Suit is comprised of a black or blue combat jumpsuit under
a torso carpice. The torso peice is a shell made of a derivative of veritane.
The shell is built actualy over a lattice of thin connectors seperating two
plates, inside and out, forming distinct 'crumple zones' like those found
in speeder bumpers. The result is that the armour can absorb signifagant
ammounts of physical damage such as melee weapons and hand to hand blows.
Against energy attacks the shell provides as much protection as a
stormtrooper's chest plate added with the combat jumpsuit for signifagant
coverage. At jsut over 6 thousand credits this armour is targeted towards
the more well off, serious customers.

Model: Akira Armor Company Soltan Battle Suit
Type: Personal armor
Scale: Character
Cost: 6,150
Availability: 3, R
Game Notes: +3D+2 physical, +1D+2 energy torso,+1D physical, +2 energy (arms and legs)
Repair: +10 Difficulty to all rolls to repair this armour.

Comments made about this Article!

21/Jan/2011 23:01:31 Posted by Elijah {}

why +10 to the diffuculty?

22/Jan/2011 04:04:41 Posted by Anonymous {}

I would presume that it would be due to the "...lattice of thin connectors seperating two plates, inside and out, forming distinct 'crumple zones'" Since it is not a 'solid' plate it must be rebuilt in the damaged area from the inside out. If the repair is not done correctly than you will actually have a piece of armor with a glaring weakness in it, and you may not realize until that Ewok pig-sticker goes right through your chest!

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