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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

SoftEdge Stealth Suit

The RanCorp SoftEdge stealthsuit is an amazing technical inovation and is
uite expensive. not only that but it's highly illegal on most planets and
thus hard to come by. A thermal baffling system is built into the suit to
keep the wearer from being detected by thermal sensors. The baffler can
only handle a maximum rapid temeprature change of forty degrees but that
is still very considerable. The suit is amde from a special fabric that
actualy absorbs sound waves making the wearers movements silent unless
they bang into something and the sound waves can move out away from the
suit. The suit also has a quality that blends itself into shadows rather
well. The plant this fabric comes from is found almost exclusively on the
home planet of the Defel which explains the fabric's mysterious qualities.
The heat baffler has a charge for 18 hours and a wall mounted reacharger
is needed to repower the bafflers. With it's release RanCorp's Jade Ops
team are going to be much more dangerous and a growing concern is
spreading through metacorp that industrial espionage and sabotage is
going to start dramaticly increasing.

Model: RanCorp Softedge MGS-97 Stealth Suit
Type: thermal baffling/stealth suit
Cost: 28,000 (2300 for recharger)
Availability: 3,X
Game Notes: Must cover full body -1D dex, -1 from move  
Thermal Cloaking: +2D SNEAK vs thermal sensors at distances
                  greater than 5 meters.If the heat change is greater than
                  40 degreesin one round the suit's controls are blown.
                  (can't handle the rapid change)

Sound Abosrption: No sound is emtied from the suit and the wearer's movements
                  are made totaly silent unless they hit something to make the
                  sound waves escape away from the suit's influence. anyone trying
                  to hear the wearer will fail.

Shadow Blending: When sneaking in shadows the wearer gets a +1D bonus to sneak
                 against visual methods of detection, this bonus is only in
                 dark shadows and the person must be totaly in the shadows.

Recharge Rate:   The heat baffler must be recharged every 18 hours. Recharging
                 takes 1 hour per 2 hours drained. The recharger is rather
                 large and usualy wall mounted and is rather expensive.

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