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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Vetricon VC-5 Combat Armour

Vetricon produced the VCx series of modular armour components to sell out
on the market as a mix and match armour set. For more serious clinetele
such as their favorites, the Hammer's Slammers, they created a full suit.
The VC-5 suit put all the VCx components togteher along with a combat
jumpsuit and sealed bodyglove. The bodyglove regulates the wearers body
temepratures extremely well. The helemt has a built in miltiary comlink,
pull down face plate with passive lgiht enhancement and amcrobinoculars,
amd a motion sensor which displays it's data to a HUD on the visor. A
breath mask can be pulled down voer the nsoe and mouth to filter out
hamrful agents in the air such as nerve gas or the like. A handful of
specialised holsters and sheaths are also set across the armour to carry
weapons. The VC-5 is the mainstay armour of Hammer's Slammers' infantry
and is used to the almost total exclusion of other armour.

Model: Vetricon Enterprsies VC-5 Modular Combat Armour
Type: Medium (Field Armour)
Cost: 3,600 credits
DR: 5
Max Dex Bonus: +3
Armor Check Penalty: -5
Speed: 8 (10 m), 4 (6 m)
Weight: 20 kg

Camoflauge: adds +4 to Hide in natural terrain.

Passive Light Enhancement: Subtracts 8 from any darknss penalties
incurred. Cannot reduce penalties below 0

Motion Sensor: +4 to detect any movement within 50 meters, can
detect movement within 100m.

Macrobinocular plate: +8 to search past 100 meters.

Helmet Comlink: Has military grade encryption and several preset
tactical frequencies.

Breath-Mask: When pulled down over the face it protects the wearer
from toxins in the air including things like tear gas.

Universal Carbine Holster: Can be adjusted to fit most stockless (or
folding stock) carbines and some of the smaller folding stock rifles
(ie: the E11) on the market.

Universal Sheath: May be adjusted to fit most knives and vibro-edges
up to 27cm blade length. May be adjusted to fit popular shock batons
and other devices. Fits on the side of the left calf.

Universal Miniholster: Adjusts to fit most popular holdout sized handguns.

Universal Minisheath: Adjusts to fit most bladed weapons with
blades between 5 and 13 centimeters long.

Enviromental Control Body Glove: +8 to survival in extreme temperatures.

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