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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Military SIPES

The SIPES, or specialized infantry protection/equipment system, is actually a concept used in part by both Imperial Intelligence and the New Republic Special Forces in many covert operations. It is simply a specialized combat suit that carries everything a soldier may need on the modern battlefield including basic supplies and even advanced targeting systems.

The SIPES' helmet covers the user's head fully with a reinforced and darkened transparisteel visor with internal targeting displays, infrared images, light amplification system, macrobinoculars and an internal tongue activated comlink with an effective range of up to a kilometer (helmet is insulated against sound and talking at normal tone inside the helmet will produce no external sounds).

The basic suit is a modified combat jumpsuit with light armor and the ever popular knee-high boots. The suit has several pockets to accomodate anything the soldier may need in addition to the pistol holster, grenade pockets and knife sheath. The suit is typically complemented with a pair of black gloves that fit over the fingerless hand coverings that come with it. The suit also boasts a strapless back pack (which is held on by four clips) which can be swapped for a comlink back pack, ammunition back pack or a power generator depending upon mission profiles.

The SIPES comes in literally hundreds of different camoflauge patterns that range from a standard flat black to a desert pattern for desert operations. For an additional two hundred credits NeuroSaav will throw in a sealed body suit for extreme enviroments protecting the soldier from extreme cold and extreme heat.

Model: NeuroSaav SIPES Mark I
Type: (Light) Specialized infantry protection/equipment system
Cost: 1,300 credits (sealed body suit: 200 credits)
DR: 4
Max Dex Bonus: +5
Armor Check Penalty: 0
Speed: 10 (10 m), 6 (6 m)
Weight: 11 kg
Game Notes: Camoflauge: adds +3 to Hide in natural terrain.

Weapon Holsters: Vibroknife sheath on back of right forearm, blaster pistol/firearm pistol holster on right thigh and three grenade pockets on front of belt.

Comlink Helmet: The comlink system itself is a small unit that fits inside the helmet. Effective range of up to a kilometer.

Targeting Acquisition System: Face visor displays red target display that is linked directly to the soldier's main weapon (assumed to be a blaster carbine, rifle, repeater or a firearm rifle). +3 to RAB.

Visor: Capable of standard light amplification (no penalty for darkness, smoke, etc), infrared (views via heat signatures) and magnification (standard macrobinoculars).

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