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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Otacon Industries Military Stealth Suit

Otacon Industries was contracted by the Empire to create a
suit, a soilder could wear that would keep him invisible. Otacon
Industries had been experimenting in a liquid that would change the
object clear or at least a light shadowy green. They were unsure if
it would work or affect a human. The Empire then brought fourth a
near dead soldier code named "Grey Fox." Grey Fox was barely alive.
He only sustained his existance by a group of machines that left
his blaster ridden body intact. Otacon Industries deceided to
build the experimental armor around him, add legs and give him a
special helmet. They injected him and the armor with the liquid.
They more or less fused the to people together much like the known
Darth Vader. Altho this was amuch more recent and improvement over
the older Vader model. Grey Fox was givin a super eye outside the
helmet that boosted his perception. He whole body became one with the
suit. He was experimentaly used on test operations. He preformed
excellently. The suit gave him near invisibility, super senses,
great agility and movement and a strength unmatched by any normal
human. Thw downside was that he lost his personal side, all free
thought and imagination since he was fused with the machine. His
mind signals a computer which injects his body and suit with the
experimental liquid and makes him near invisible. After a few missions
he was equiped with a new sword that could cut throgh nearly every-
thing. He was greatly pleased with this. He then preformed a few
more operations. The sword gave him a sense of his old self. His
orginal mind took over the suit and he relized the slave he became.
He broke free, took anew arm blaster that was going to be equiped
on him and then killed most of the Imperial guards and Otacon
Industries personel. He disapered without a trace. The plans were
hidden away and another prototype was not considered. Grey Fox
now roams the galaxy...

Model: Otacon Industries Military Stealth Suit Mark I
Type: Experimental Military Power/Stealthsuit and Armor
Scale: Character
Crew: 1
Consumables: N/A (person no longer requires food)
Equipped With:
- Armored Suit (+3D physical, +2D Energy) Wearer can not remove
   the armor, Can only remove a face plate and right Arm.
   Gives an extra +3D to to climbing/jumping.
- Super Power Legs+3D to to climbing/jumping
- Modified Macrobinocular Cyclops Eye
- Subspace Radio (750 kilometer range)
- Stealth Mode (To initiate the stealth mode the wearer must activate
   the liquid and have it injected into his body. The liquid battles
   the wears immune system causing +2D damage. If the damage is beaten
   by the wearer's STR roll, he succesfully becomes near invisible.)
   Requires a Perception roll of 3D to to detect wearer while invisible.
   Wearer gets 48 hours of liquid for invisiblility. +2D to Sneak and
   Hide rolls of wearers.
- Super Charge Blaster Rifle
   Skill: Blaster: Charge Up arm rifle
   Fire Control: 1D
   Range: 50/120/530
   Damage: 2D-8D
   Note: The right arm rifle can do up to 8D charcter scale. It charges
   up 2D every turn, therefor requiring 4 turns for full effect (can not
   shoot weapon while in stealth mode).
- Ninja Stealth Super Katana
   Skill: Melee Weapons: Super Stealth Super Katana
   Damage: 9D

Move: 17
Size: 1.8
Cost: N/A (estimated cost: 250,000)
Game Notes: +2D to Strength, +3D versus physical, +2D versus energy

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21/Feb/2009 20:02:02 Posted by HELLSTORMER1 {}

Freaking Metal Gear Solid, man....

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