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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Akira Wolf-3 Body Armour

The Wolf-3 is the first unit of the Wolf series that Akira ever released. It is effectively a combat jumpsuit with
hardened peices of palstoid on the torso,head,arms and legs, cut out awya from the joints so as not to interfere with the
wearer's range of movement. The armour si all black thoguh can be painted other colorus if so desired. The helmet has
sveral short optical lenses coming out the center of the face which provide different iamging mdoes which the wearer can
flip through. All of these lenses have substandard macrobinouclar fucntions set into them as well, allowing the wearer to
get a wide range of imaging options. Microwave imaging allows for infrared detection throguh walls, while a motion sensor
provides more immediate tactical response and warning, and a PLE unit allows for low lgiht operations. The Wolf-3 is an
excelelnt commando suit and thusly has earned it's being outlawed in some parts of space.

Model: Akira Armour Co Wolf mark III Bodyarmour
Type: Tactical Combat Armour
Scale: Character
Cost: 3,700 credits
Availability: 3, R or X
Game Notes:Basic Suit: Adds +2D to phpysical and +1D to energy resist, except at the joints where the protection only
gives +1D for physical and +2 for energy resists(-1D claled shot to hit a joint). no Dexterity Penalties.
Motion Sensor: +1D Search against moving targets under 50m.
Microwave Imaging: May be used to see through walls (PERC vs. cover strength) if there is thermal variations on the other
Passive Light Enhancement: Subtracts 2D from all darkness penalties in effect. cannot reduce the penalties below 0D.
Macrobionoculars: May be used in conjunction with either of the above imaging modes. +2D to search past 100 meters.

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