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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Akira Wolf-6 Body Armour

The Wolf-6 far surpassed the mark V both in features and in price. One rather embarassing flaw in the -3 and -5 designs
was the lack of a helemt comlink. Soemthing so simple they managed to froget it. Comlinks could be added in to the old
models but there were complaints about it not coming already installed. The -6 fixed this problem by adding a state of
the art military comlink in the helemt and a subspace radio capable of reaching out 500 klicks. Besides the resolving of
this issue the -6 added an Ultra-Violet optical feature and a fairly advanced image compsoer that took the datat from all
the optical lenses and the motion sensor and generated a useful composite image with a HUD for the wearer, on the inside
of their faceplate. This allows the wearer to make sue of all the optic features simultaenously giving him a much clearer
view of what is going on around him, and eliminates cyling between optic modes.

Model: Akira Armour Co Wolf mark VI Bodyarmour
Type: Medium (Tactical Combat Armour)
Cost: 8,650 credits
DR: 6
Max Dex Bonus: +4
Armor Check Penalty: 0
Speed:  11 (10 m), 7 (6 m)
Weight: 15 kg


Motion Sensor: +3 Search against moving targets under 50m.

Microwave Imaging: May be used to see through walls (Search vs. cover strength) if there is thermal variations on the other side.

Passive Light Enhancement: Subtracts 6 from all darkness penalties in effect. cannot reduce the penalties below 0.

UV Spectrum analyser: allows the wearer to see into the Ultra-Violet range.

Macrobionoculars: May be used in conjunction with either of the above imaging modes. +6 to search past 100 meters.

Multi-Frequency Imaging Compiler: Utilizes Microwave, PLE, 'normal', and UV optical modes as well as the motion sensor to compile one complete image of what the wearer is seeing using the datat from all of those modes and plugging it into a Heads-up-Dsiplay(HUD). (see above for effects)

Servo-motors: Special augmenting servomotrs add +6 to the wearer's strength for the purposes of Climb, Jump, and Melee Attack Bonus rolls. The wearer also gets +3 to their move rating.

Automatic-Medpac: One effective use until refilled. Triggers when the wearer is at 0 Vitality Points or worse, unless manualy triggered. Has a First Aid skill of  +15. The medpac refil costs 400 credits.

Comlink and subsapce Radio: Military grade helmet comlink with several preset tactical frequencies and easy frequency cycling. The susbapce radio has an effective rnage of 500 kilometers and both it and the comlink have high grade encryption software built in.

Envirofilter: Filters out harmful molecules from the air. May seal and run off one hour of internal air.

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