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Patitite Pattuna

Patitite Pattuna

Sergeant Linus Mosk (Human Pre-Mor Security Officer)

Sergeant Linus Mosk (Human Pre-Mor Security Officer)
Crimson Jack

Crimson Jack

Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Caedes Consortium M-7 Power Armour

The Caedes Consortium is a group of alligned worlds inhabited by Humans and Near-Humans. The Consortium has a doctorine
based on the Superirority of Humans and Near-Humans to all others. they also have developed within the organization, a
sense of ultra-nationalism. They are found near the fringe of the unknown Regions. Discovered about a year before the
battle of Hoth, the Empire stummbled across the Caedes Consortium ruthlessly conquering the systems around it in the name
of Human superiority. The Emperor decided that the consortium and the empire had a lot in common and that their interests
lay along similair paths. Palpatine and his advisors believed that they could convince the Consortium to join the empire
for mututal benefit. Vice-Admiral Thrawn was the only one who was willing to stand up to the emperor and tell him that it
was a bad idea. Palaptine ahd him reprimanded and sent a small taskforce in to establish contact with the consortium. When
the taskforce entered Consortium space they were immediately met by Consortium ships and hailed. They were told that they
wer ein violation of Consortium interstellar law and they had to leave. The commander insisted that he must be allowed to
speak with the Consortium's leaders. After the imperials refused to leave the system, the consortium atatcked the
taskforce and oblitterated it completely. The Consortium then repeatedly repeled Imperial invasion attempts with an
alarming ease. Finaly, a war with another super power in the Unknown Regions, the Thrasin, loomed iminantly. The
consortium went on the offensive and caused eevere damage to several Imperial facilities and wiped out multiple system
forces. They used this to force the Empire into signing a cease fire and an agreemnt not to enter consortium space. About
two weeks later the Consortium declared war on the Thrasin. The Thrasin-Consortium War would continue for 20 years after
the Battle of Hoth.

The Caedes Consortium uses a very odd form of military service. Federal Service is not required and there is no draft.
However any who do not serve a term of two years, are not considered full citizens and thus do not get all the rights
those who have gone through Federal service, do. These two castes of people are refered to as Civilains and Citizens.
Citizens may vote, own and run buisnesses, be involved in politics, and run for political office among other things. This
puts social rpessure on epople to eprform some sort of Federal Service. Navy and Army are popular chocies because, if you
don't join a dvision of one of those two, chances were you'd be used for 'equipment testing'. The Army's main force comes
from the MI, or Mobile Infantry. There are two reasons they are called 'Mobile'. The first is that they are carried on
space troop transports and launched from special tubes. The second is the powered armour they use. This armour comes in
three variants, M-6 Scout Armour, M-7 Marauder Armour, and M-8 Command Armour.

The M-7 Marauder Armour is worn by the fellows in the MI who wear the sleepy faces with the blank eyes, the Executioners.
This is the suit of the main infantry personnel of the Mobile Infantry. The suit turns a single soldier into an
unparalleled machine of death and destruction. The suit is heavily armoured and can act as a space suit with enclosed air
and water to allow them to sustain themselves in space and other extreme conditions for long stretches of time. The suit's
sheer bulk weighs the user down despite the advanced negative feedback and strength icnreasing servomotor system run
throughout the entire armour aside for the helmet. The suit is fileld with sensors that detect your movements so the suit
mimics them and has special triggers for things to work accordingly. When a person jumps, if they jmup hard enough in the
suit and angle their toes down slgihtly, they kick on jump jets which can catapult them over houses and other small
buildings. The suit is filled with sensor equipment, including several kinds of radio and radar detection systems, motion
and heat sensors, night-vision, and even a macroplate on the helmet. This all feeds data through a Multi-Frequency
Targeting Aquisition System which is sued to icnrease targeting acuracy, and also display data in the most conviant
possible form to the wearer. The Macro-enhanced faceplate is made of transparisteel so it is just as tough as the rest of
the armour, and has three layers of polarization. The helmet also has a tactical com with tongue activation and frequency
switching, as well as auto-encryption. Also a high pwoered subspace radio gives the wearer the ability to communicate over
very long distance, primarily to troop ships in orbit. Aside from encumberance form the unbelievable weight, the armour
has a serious drawback. It is bulky and noisy in it's movement making it ahrder for the wearer to sneak about. The suit
even has a variety of tool and weapons such as the enviro-filter which scrubs the air taken in, or the audio and visual
enhancers, known a snoopers, which make the suer more aware of the world around them. Also a Y-Rack bomb thrower is set on
their abck. It's a bomb thrower set on their back with a launch tube curving up over either shoulder on swivel mounts.
Built into the right wrist is a laser cutter, known as the 'Beam Knife' by MI troopers, is a alser cutting tool to make
quick entry into a building. On the left wrist is a flamethrower, or 'hand flamer' as the MI grunts call it. This is a
great anti-personel weapon especialy in close quarters.

Because of the great expense to design and build these power suits, the troops who sue them are very thoroughly and
rigorously trained, those who aren't worthy are weeded out. The MI troops who wear the marauder Armour are a very
frightening sight to behold. The faceplates third polarization layer is made to form a Death's Head skull covering the
wearer's face up. The ulky armour is shaped almsot like a gorilla with massively broad shoudlers and thick arms and legs.
Coupled in with the firepower carried just with the armour tiself, not to mention standard issue weaponry, they are a
sight to see. When fighting the Empire, they won a few battles simply by intimdiating the Imperials so badly that they
gave up. Mobile infantry soldiers pride themselves on being fianly honed tools of srugery. One MI soldier was quoted as
saying "command could order us to go onto a World and roundup all the left handdded redheads, and we could, and would."
they don't question their orders, they jsut carry them out or die trying.

Model: Caedes Consortium M-7 Maurader Armor
Type: Light (Full Body Fast-Attack Armor)
Cost: NFS
DR: 3
Max Dex Bonus: +5
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Speed:  10 (10 m), 6 (6 m)
Weight: 8 kg (27 kg with all armament listed)

Game Notes:
Jump Jets:
- Moderate difficulty to control, is able to 'jump' up to 150 meters
   vertically, and/or 300 meters horizontaly.If the difficulty is missed,
   then roll for scatter and every 2 below the difficulty, the user ends
   up going 1 meter in the direction of the scatter die. Has energy for
   220 jump bursts.

Sensory Equipment:
- Can track moving targets 100 metres away, moderate difficulty, it may
   be easier or harder depending on the location.
- +6 to all Sight/Sound skills.
- Moderate Sensors roll to detect Starfighter scale and larger moving objects
   between 101 and 500 meters away. Difficult for Speeder-Walker. Very difficult
   for Charachter scale.

Helmet and Faceplate
- Night Vision, Infra-Red, Radar, Comm Scanners HUD
- Polarized Faceplate: Wearer subtracts 6 from the effects of
   any bright flashes.
- Maco-plate: Faceplate has built in macro-binoculars
- Tongue-activated comlink with 6 tactical frequencies.
- Subspace Radio (750 kilometer range)
- Multi-Frequency Targeting Aquisiton System: +6 to hit targets moving at
   over 10 meters a round.

Advanced Hydrolic and Servo Systems:
- +6 to Strength related skills.
- +5 to Move code.
- -3 to Sneak.

Envro-Filter: blocks out harmful substances in the air such as nerve gas.
Can seal up and has 300 minutes worth of internal air as well as internal
water suppy.

Climate Control: Body glove and homeostasis system to shelter wearer
from etreme heat or extreme cold. +6 to survival checks in extreme
conditions. Can seal up for vaccum and act as space suit.

Magnetic couplers allow wearer to attach themself to any metal surface.

Grenade and Bomb Belts: Carry a large number of grenades, bombs, and land mines for general use and launching with the Y-Rack.

- Flamethrower (Left Wrist)
        Cost: NFS
        Damage: 6d6(First Round), 4d6 (Next Four Rounds)
        Critical: 19 - 20
        Range Increment: 1 m
        Weight: 3 kg
        Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
        Type: Scorching
        Size: Tiny
        Group: Exotic
        Ammo: 100

- Laser Cutter (Right Wrist)
        Cost: NFS
        Damage: 3d6
        Critical: 20
        Range Increment: 1 m
        Weight: 3 kg
        Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
        Type: Energy
        Size: Tiny
        Group: Exotic

- Y-Rack Bomb Thrower (swings over both shoulders)
        Cost: NFS
        Damage: Varies by Grenade Used
        Critical: 20
        Range Increment: 12 m
        Weight: 8 kg
        Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
        Type: Varies
        Size: Tiny
        Group: Simple
        Ammo: 20

Note: Can fire any type of grenade or small explosive inlcuding land
mines and thermal detonators. Cannot fit larger explosive devices though.

Mini-Proton Torpedo Launcher (Right Wrist)
        Cost: NFS
        Damage: 6d6
        Critical: 19 - 20
        Range Increment: 70 m
        Weight: 5 kg
        Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
        Type: Energy
        Size: Tiny
        Group: Exotic
        Ammo: 10

Based off text from Robert Heinlein's novel: Starship Troopers.

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