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Three (Marcus Boone)

Three (Marcus Boone)

Booton Piton (Human Club Goer)

Booton Piton (Human Club Goer)

Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Caedes Consortium M-8 Power Armour

The Caedes Consortium is a group of alligned worlds inhabited by Humans and Near-Humans. The Consortium has a doctorine
based on the Superirority of Humans and Near-Humans to all others. they also have developed within the organization, a
sense of ultra-nationalism. They are found near the fringe of the unknown Regions. Discovered about a year before the
battle of Hoth, the Empire stummbled across the Caedes Consortium ruthlessly conquering the systems around it in the name
of Human superiority. The Emperor decided that the consortium and the empire had a lot in common and that their interests
lay along similair paths. Palpatine and his advisors believed that they could convince the Consortium to join the empire
for mututal benefit. Vice-Admiral Thrawn was the only one who was willing to stand up to the emperor and tell him that it
was a bad idea. Palaptine ahd him reprimanded and sent a small taskforce in to establish contact with the consortium.
When the taskforce entered Consortium space they were immediately met by Consortium ships and hailed. They were told that
they wer ein violation of Consortium interstellar law and they had to leave. The commander insisted that he must be
allowed to speak with the Consortium's leaders. After the imperials refused to leave the system, the consortium attacked
the taskforce and oblitterated it completely. The Consortium then repeatedly repeled Imperial invasion attempts with an
alarming ease. Finaly, a war with another super power in the Unknown Regions, the Thrasin, loomed iminantly. The
consortium went on the offensive and caused eevere damage to several Imperial facilities and wiped out multiple system
forces. They used this to force the Empire into signing a cease fire and an agreemnt not to enter consortium space. About
two weeks later the Consortium declared war on the Thrasin. The Thrasin-Consortium War would continue for 20 years after
the Battle of Hoth.

The Caedes Consortium uses a very odd form of military service. Federal Service is not required and there is no draft.
However any who do not serve a term of two years, are not considered full citizens and thus do not get all the rights
those who have gone through Federal service, do. These two castes of people are refered to as Civilains and Citizens.
Citizens may vote, own and run buisnesses, be involved in politics, and run for political office among other things. This
puts social rpessure on epople to eprform some sort of Federal Service. Navy and Army are popular chocies because, if you
don't join a dvision of one of those two, chances were you'd be used for 'equipment testing'. The Army's main force comes
from the MI, or Mobile Infantry. There are two reasons they are called 'Mobile'. The first is that they are carried on
space troop transports and launched from special tubes. The second is the powered armour they use. This armour comes in
three variants, M-6 Scout Armour, M-7 Marauder Armour, and M-8 Command Armour.

The M-8 Command Armour is designed for Platoon level and higher commanders. They carry almost the same ammount of firepower
internaly, replacing the proton torpedo launcher on the top right wrist is a second flamethrower. The command armour is
even more expensive than the marauder Armour. It has much stronger jump jets and a faster servo system, allowing it to
move twice as fast as a Marauder suit. The suit is also 'stronger' than Marauders due to the advanced servosystem. The
M-8 also carries much more advanced and powerful sensor and communication equipment. The scanners can detect at greater
ranges without a a lack of efficency and feed data in through a tactical compouter and into the TARP System. The TARP
system digitizes data on where things are such as building,troops,ships,vehicles, and 'bug holes'. It then puts them onto
a display screen which has a grid voerlaid on a terrain map of the surrounding area. The terrain information is pumped in
from orbiting craft, and most of the actualk data is processed there as well then relayed to the TARP system. This gives
the commander as much of an advanage as possible in coordinating movement of his troops, finding targets, and engaging.

Model: Caedes Consortium M-8 Command Armor
Type: Full Body Fast-Attack Armor
Skill: Powersuit Operation: M Series (-2D without the specilization.)
Availability: 4, X
Cost: Not Available for Sale
Game Notes:
Basic Armor
        - +3D physical, +2D energy(full body)
        - -1D to Dexterity and related skills.
Jump Jets:
        - Moderate difficulty to control, is able to 'jump' up to 300 meters
        vertically, and/or 600 meters horizontaly.If the difficulty is missed,
        then roll for scatter and every 2 below the difficulty, the user ends
        up going 1 meter in the direction of the scatter die. Has energy for
        220 jump bursts.
Sensory Equipment:
        - Can track moving targets 140 metres away, moderate difficulty, it may
          be easier or harder depending on the location.
        - +2D to all Sight/Sound Perception skills.
        - Moderate Sensors roll to detect Starfighter scale and larger moving objects
          between 101 and 1.5 kilometers away. Difficult for Speeder-Walker. Very difficult
          for Charachter scale.
Helmet and Faceplate
        - Night Vision, Infra-Red, Radar, Comm Scanners HUD
        - Polarized Faceplate: Wearer subtracts 2D from the effects of
          any bright flashes.
        - Maco-plate: Faceplate has built in macro-binoculars
        - Tongue-activated comlink with 20 tactical frequencies.
        - Subspace Radio (750 kilometer range)
        - Multi-Frequency Targeting Aquisiton System: +2D to hit targets moving at
          over 10 meters a round.
        - Tactical Assesment and Resource Placement(TARP) System: +1D to Command and Tactics

Advanced Hydrolic and Servo Systems:
        - +3D to Strength related skills (does NOT apply to resisting damage).
        - +15 to Move code.        
        - -1D to Sneak.

Envro-Filter: blocks out harmful substances in the air such as nerve gas.
        Can seal up and has 300 minutes worth of internal air as well as internal
        water suppy.

Climate Control: Body glove and homeostasis system to shelter wearer
        from etreme heat or extreme cold. +2D to survival checks in extreme
        conditions. Can seal up for vaccum and act as space suit.

Magnetic couplers allow wearer to attach themself to any metal surface.

Dual Flamethrowers (Wrists)
        Scale: Charachter
        Skill: Flamethrower
        Ammo: 100
        Range: 3-5/7/10
        Damage: 6D damage the first round and 4D each additional round for
                 the next five unless extinguished.

Laser Cutter (Right Wrist)
        Scale: Charachter
        Skill: Melee Combat
        Damage: STR+3D

Y-Rack Bomb Thrower (swings over both shoulders)
        Skill: Missile Weapons: Y-Rack
        Ammo: 20
        Fire Control: 2D
        Fire Rate: 2
        Range: 15-45/90/120
        Blast Radius: Varies
        Damage: Varies
        Note: Can fire any type of grenade or small explosive inlcuding land
        mines and thermal detonators. Cannot fit larger explosive devices though.

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