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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

C-524 Space Armor

The C-524 Space Armor consists of a pressure suit molded from
rubberized plastic reinforced with monofilament polymers. The
interior of the suit houses a life support system providing for
air recirculation, temperature regulation and insulation,
radiation shielding, and bodily waste elimination and storage.
The exterior of the suit is bonded to polymer armor plates
protecting primary target areas.

Model: C-524 Space Armor
Type: Light (Space Combat Armor)
Cost: 6,000 credits
DR: 2
Max Dex Bonus: +6
Armor Check Penalty: -1
Speed:  10 (10 m), 6 (6 m)
Weight:  kg

Notes: This suit works in conjunction with C-532 LSP (Life
Support Pack) and the C-512 Combat Helmet.

C-532 Life Support Pack

The C-532 LSP is a sealed, integrated unit designed to support human
life under combat conditions for up to seven hours. It incorporates
a six-hour main air tank and a one-hour auxiliary air tank with
circulation fans, a one-quart water tank, heater/cooler unit and a
72-hour power supply. The entire system is protected by a half inch
of polymer armor overall.

Model: C-532 LSP
Type: Life Support Pack
Cost: 1,000 credits
DR: 1
Weight: 10 kg

Game Notes: This piece of equipment works in conjunction with C-524
Space Armor and the C-512 Combat Helmet. Do not add this to the overall DR,
but only roll this when it is hit directly.

C-512 Combat Helmet

The C-512 Combat Helmet is an integrated imaging/communications/life
support/protective unit. The fiber optic visor provides automatic glare
and flash protection, plus infrared imaging and light-enhancement
options. It can also generate up to two floating HUDS (Heads Up
Displays) capable of displaying text or schematics.  
Model: C-512 Combat Helmet
Type: Multipurpose Combat Helmet
Cost: 3,000 credits
DR: 1
Weight: 2 kg

Notes: This piece of equipment works in conjunction with C-524
Space Armor and the C-532 LSP. Do not add this to the overall DR,
but only roll this when it is hit directly. This system has a built in
comlink, IR and light enhancement (IR: No Darkness Penalty, LE: -6
from Darkness Penalty), Targeting System (+3 to RAB), and
Auto-Glare and Flash protection (No Stun Penalty for grenades-stun,
flash or regular)

C-545 External Web Harness

The C-545 is basically an external suit that connects to the C-524
Space Armor for rappelling or zip-line deployments.

Model: C-545 EWH
Type: Rappel Gear
Cost: 1,500 credits

Notes: This connects directly to the C-524 Space Armor for quick
zip-line or rappelling. To use this add +12 to climb when rappelling
or add +9 to Jump when zip-lining.

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