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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Titan Technologies Devastator Heavy Combat Armor

The Devastator HCA was the first of its kind. It started the long line of Titan Tech's Heavy Combat Armor. The HCA was a revolutionary advancement for ground troops. It allowed a single man to be turned into a heavy combat warrior. It used an extremely advanced kind of control, the Neuro-Helmet. It allowed the pilot's nerves to control the arms and legs like his or her own. But a major drawback was found. The pilot could have neural feedback from the systems when they took damage. Even though the HCA is still used throughout the galaxy by both New Republic and Imperial forces.

Model: Imperial Development Dark Trooper: Phase 03
Class: Powered Armor [Ground]
Crew: 1 (Skilled +4)
Size: Large (3.4 m Long)
Initiative: +3 (-1 Size, +4 Crew)
Maneuver: +3 (-1 Size, +4 Crew)
Defense: 14 (-1 Size, +5 Armor)
Move: 25 m
Max Velocity: 75 km/h
Hull: 70 (DR 5)
Shield: 30 (DR 5)
Cost: 250,000 credits
-Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +5 (-1 Size, +4 Crew, +2 Fire Control)
Damage: 3d8+1
Range Increment: 50m

-Grenade Launcher
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +5 (-1 Size, +4 Crew, +2 Fire Control)
Damage: 3d10+1
Range Increment: 40m

-Twin Light Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Front
Attack Bonus: +5 (-1 Size, +4 Crew, +2 Fire Control)
Damage: 4d8
Range Increment: 60m

Game Notes:
Neuro-Helmet- Adds +6 to Pilot

Neural Feedback- If HCA takes severe damage, roll 1d6. If 1 or 2 pilot takes 4d8 damage (not Shield Damage, Physical Damage).

Jet Pack- Allows 150 meters Vertical or 300 meters Horizontal Flight on 1 charge. 5 Charges

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