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Ketsus staff

Ketsus staff
Imperial Department of Military Research / Sienar Fleet Systems DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

Imperial Department of Military Research / Sienar Fleet Systems DS-1 Orbital Battle Station
HALO D6 Campaign Setting Sourcebook (2021)

HALO D6 Campaign Setting Sourcebook (2021)

Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Deathtek DK-Z BattleArmor

Deathtek built this armor initially to be mass-produced and sold to
the Republic, and tried for a contract again when Emperor Palpatine
began equipping his StormTroopers, but failed. The blood-red armor
was designed to provide maximum mobility, while at the same time
providing ideal protection. Unfortunately, the idea of an armor suit
that requires charges to maintain protection wasn't particularly
popular. The battlearmor suit maintains an ionic charged barrier
within its shell, intended to deflect projectiles and absorb some of
the energy from blaster fire.

Model: DeathTek DK-Z BattleArmor
Type: Protective armor
Scale: Character
Skill: None
Cost: 6,000
Availability: 3
Game Notes: DeathTek DK-Z battlearmor provides 1D of protection against
            both Energy and Physical attacks. In addition, it has a
            secondary shield system which provides additional protection
            as long as it still has energy. This system can be set for 1D,
            2D, or 3D protection. The armor uses standard blaster clips for
            batteries, and at the 1D setting, uses 1/100th of a clip. At
            the 2D setting, it uses 1/20th of a clip, and at the 3D setting,
            it uses 1/10th of a clip. Each time the character is damaged,
            that number of dice is added to his armor roll, and it loses
            some charge. It takes 2 minutes to replace a 'battery'.

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