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Chief Inspector Hyne (Pre-Mor Security Chief)

Chief Inspector Hyne (Pre-Mor Security Chief)

Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

MetaCorp Jumptrooper Assault Armor

The Jumptrooper Assault Armor is a heavily modified version of the MetaCorp
Stormtrooper Armor. The two armor types almost look identical except for the
more 'reinforced' appeal. A noticable difference in the Jumptrooper armor
is the large repulsor pack and controlling exhaust ports on the upper back
of the armor. The Jump Packs are activated by a pressure sensitive plate on
the thumb of the left armor gauntlet and are steered by rotating the body. To
jump accurately, it takes months of training drills. The armor also uses
an advanced hydrolic system that predicts movement, ridding itself of the
dexterity penalty and increasing the movement rate.

Despite it's militaristic appearance, Jumptrooper Armor is widely sold to
Bounty hunting and Mercenary guilds, and is often found amongst pirate bands
and even rival corporations. Although illegal to be sold on the Imperial
market, to be in possession of one only requires the proper licenses. And
for customers with cash to spare, the armor can often be customized to their
liking due to it's modifiable nature as MetaCorp's stormtrooper armor element.
Afterall, User Friendlyness is MetaCorp's goal.

Model: MetaCorp Jumptrooper Assault Armor
Type: Medium (Full Body Fast-Attack Armor)
Cost: 8,500
DR: 4
Max Dex Bonus: + 5
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Speed: 13 (10 m), 9 (6 m)
Weight: 16 kg

Game Notes:

Dual Jump Packs:
Moderate difficulty to control, is able to 'jump' up to 50 metres
vertically and 100 metres horizontally. If the difficulty is missed,
then roll for scatter and every 2 below the difficulty, the user ends
up going 1 meter in the direction of the scatter die.

Sensory Equipment:
Can track moving targets 100 metres away, moderate difficulty, it may
be easier or harder depending on the location. +6 to all Sight/Sound
skills. Night Vision. +6 to RAB.Wrist Mini-Computer also acts as Comlink.

Advanced Hydrolic and Servo Systems:
+6 to Strength related skills. +5 to move. -3 to Sneak

Climate Controlled Body Glove, Internal Life Support with 300 minutes
worth of air.

- Retractable Wrist Power-Cutter
Cost: NFS
Damage: 4d6
Critical: 19 -20
Range Increment: 1 m
Weight: 2 kg
Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
Type: Slashing
Size: Tiny
Group: Simple

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