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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

Merr-Sonn SC-Medic Combat PowerSuit

After designing combat powersuits for the maiming and killing of others, Merr-Sonn
decided it would be best to design a suit designed specifically for saving the
lives of the injured.

When used by a trained medical physician the suit can do wonders to save the lives
of countless wounded soldiers on a battlefield. It has a built in diagnostics sensor
which can be used to diagnose diseases, access health and a variety of other basic
medical uses.

Model: Merr-Sonn SC-Medic Combat PowerSuit
Type: Emergency medical powersuit
Scale: Character
Skill: Powersuit operation: Medic armor
Cost: 3,750 credits
Availability: 3, R
Game Notes: The suit has 15 hours of atmosphere, heating unit, waste unit,
            includes a comlink, is self-patching, while providing decent
            protection against blaster fire (+2D versus damange, -1D from
            Dexterity and related skills).
            Shield: Provides +1D bonus to all parry skills, has a strength
            of 3D and has pouches for storing various medical supplies on
            the backside.
            Medical equipment: Can be used as a medpac up to 10 times. The
            suit's diagnostics sensor can be used to diagnose diseases, access
            health, and for other basic medical uses on an Easy First Aid
            roll. The suit is sufficiently equipped to allow a character
            with the Medicine advanced skill to perform field surgery
            (which exhausts the suit's medpacs).

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