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SoroSuub Corporation X-30 Lancer target blast pistol

SoroSuub Corporation X-30 Lancer target blast pistol
Ketch (Weequay Bar Patron)

Ketch (Weequay Bar Patron)

Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

BlasTech T-6/H Heavy Blaster Pistol

After SoroSuub came up with their Renegade, advertised as the most powerful
heavy blaster pistol on the market, BlasTech began a mission to beat that
record. What they came up with was the Thunderer. Though extremely bulky and
heavy, the Thunderer remains just under the size limit to still be considered
a pistol. When BlasTech proudly demonstrated the Thunderer for the first
time, both Merr-Sonn and SoroSuub ceded the victory to BlasTech, "king of
the blaster wars."

After the initial release of the Thunder, tinkers across the galaxy began
experimenting with various modifications to the Thunder in an attempt to
create the galaxy's most powerful blaster pistol. BlasTech itself was able
to increase the firepower to dramatically that its power output is even more
damaging than the infamous E-Web heavy repeating blaster.

Unfortunately, such dramatic changes in the initial design have cut the
ammunition down to a mere five shots, drastically reduced the range, and
slowed the recharge rate to three times the original. In addition to these
errors in overall performance, the Thunderer has proven to be highly unstable
in that parts need constant replacement (particularly the focusing lense and
the power couplings, which need replacing between power packs) and it has
been known to ionize or even explode almost randomly.

BlasTech only designed the modified Thunderer to prove that they still were,
and always will be, the king of blasters and only produced a few dozen, most
of which were presented as gifts to various individuals, including some
strong advocates of blaster ownership in the New Republic Senate as well as
some of BlasTech's top customers.

Weapon: BlasTech T-6/H "Thunderer"
Type: Energy
Group: Blaster pistols
Size: Medium
Weight: 1.7 kilograms
Cost: 2,350 credits
Damage: 5d8
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 5 meters
Stun Damage / Fort DC: 1d8/DC 18
Game Notes: The T-6/H requires extremely frequent maintenance in order to
            keep it in working condition. Focusing lenses and power couplings
            need replacing between power packs to prevent a catrostrophic
            failure in performance.
            Each time the weapon is fired, roll 1d6. If this roll results in
            a result of 1, then reroll 1d6 on this table. Use this table only
            if the first 1d6 roll has a result of 1.
                REROLL      ACTION
                  1        -   Blaster explodes, doing 5d4 damage over 2 meters.
                 2-5        -   Blaster components ionize, requires at least 15
                            minutes to repair.
                  6        -   Blaster functions normally.

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