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Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Sekhmet Class Bomber

Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Sekhmet Class Bomber

FTL Jump Drives

FTL Jump Drives

Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Imperial CQ-55 Blaster Carbine

With the fall of the Empire as a whole many supply lines to outlying sectors
were cut off. This was the case in the Imperial-held territory in the Palvar
sector. Moff Jerr Uhlmann, Imperial commander in the Palvar sector, tried to
compensate for the lack of new supplies by buying supplies and weapons from
local corporations who jacked up the prices seeing an increased demand in
their products. In order to save money (in both manufacturing and shipping),
Moff Uhlmann ordered his meager research and development teams to work on a
cheaper alternative to the Kashan weaponry that he had been purchasing. The
resulting designs that the R&D engineers came up with was transferred to the
Delfii factories to go into immediate construction.

The CQ-55 blaster carbine was the third weapon produced by Palvar Imperial
Munitions and the most powerful (with the exception of the RB-XIIa repeater).
It was intended to be issued to Imperial navy troopers as it is fairly
small for its class, only slightly larger than your typical heavy blaster
pistol. The CQ-55 comes standard with a laser sight and a retractable stock.

Model: Palvar Imperial Munitions CQ-55 Blaster Carbine
Type: Heavy blaster carbine
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: blaster carbines
Ammo: 50
Cost: 875 credits (power packs: 25)
Availability: 3, X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-25/50/250
Damage: 5D+1
Game Notes: Laser sight and retractable stock: +1D to Blaster if used for
            one round of aiming.
            +5 to difficulty to hit past 200 meters.

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