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Section of Site: StarGate SG1Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Tok?ra OperativesEra: Canon: No

Name: Diana "Cypher" Hyale
Tok’ra Undercover Operative Scientist 5 Oracle 9 (O-7)
Init: +8 (+6 Class, +2 Dex)
Defense: 21 (+9 Class, +2 Dex)
Speed: 30 ft
WP: 14
VP: 88
Attack: +6 melee, +8 ranged
SQ: Back Door, Brilliant +1, Hacker Culture (1 Grade), Ice Man +10, Improvise +3, Intelligence Analysis, Learned, Living Cipher, Macro-Specialty (Immunity to Disease, Inherited Memory +9 to inspiration checks, Long Life, Radiation Resistance +8 to Fortitude saves, +4 bonus with Bluff and Surveillance, Shared Body, Symbiotic Blending), Master Key (Basics, Mastery, Supremacy), PhD (Cryptology), Professor, Research (Mathematical Genius), Web-Monger, Wetware Database (Class Level)
SV: Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +12

Abilities: Str: 10, Dex: 14, Con: 14, Int: 18, Wis: 14, Chr: 14

Skills: Appraise +10, Bluff +12, Bureaucracy +8, Computers +25 (17-20), Concentration +16 (19-20), Cryptology +32 (17-20), Cultures +10, Demolitions +10, Diplomacy +8, Electronics +10, First Aid +8, Forgery +10, Gather Information +10, Innuendo +8, Knowledge (Espionage) +12 (19-20), Knowledge (Forensics) +12 (19-20), Knowledge (Psychology) +12 (19-20), Knowledge (Tok’ra) +12 (19-20), Languages +21, Listen +8, Mechanics +10, Profession (Scientist) +8, Search +14, Sense Motive +15, Spot +12, Surveillance +12, Survival +8, Xeno-Languages +12

Feats: Advanced Skill Mastery (Mathematical Genius), Applied Knowledge (Mathematical Genius), Armor Proficiency (light), Cipher, Cryptology Basics, Cryptology Mastery, Cryptology Supremacy, Grand Skill Mastery (Mathematical Genius), Living Cipher, Mark of a Professional (Mathematical Genius), Mathematical Genius, Naquadah Sense, Scholarly, Traceless, Weapon Group Proficiency (handgun, melee)Attacks
Unarmed +6 1d3
Zat’nik’tel +8 3d6

Gear: SG Team Bundle, other bundles as needed (by mission).

Tok’ra Undercover Operative Cypher is a true blending of symbiosis, her host is a mathematical phenomenon.
Her host grew up on a world populated by one of the Olympian based Goa’uld.
Cypher is not the symbiotes original name, but a nickname given to her because of her extraordinary ability to crack any encryption given enough time. Since she is aware of and helped construct most of the Tok’ra encryption, it would be a disaster if she fell into the hands of the Goa’uld.

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