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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

BlasTech A290

The A280 was reputed to be the best armor-piercing rifle available anywhere
in the galaxy. At medium range, it has been known to cut a fully-armored
Imperial stormtrooper nearly in half. Still, when used during the Imperial
assault on Hoth, the A280 failed to put more than a fist-sized dent in the
armor of the Imperial walkers.

A newer version of the A280 was introduced shortly after the first Battle of
Coruscant some two and a half years post Endor when the Empire was forced to
let the planet fall into Republic hands. This newer version was the A290
heavy blaster rifle. BlasTech refined their already powerful A280 and the
resulting A290 was even more powerful.

Weapon: BlasTech A285 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Type: Energy
Group: Blaster rifles
Size: Medium
Weight: 4.9 kilograms
Cost: 1,600 credits
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 19
Range Increment: 35 meters

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