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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Stone Rain Mortar

Elvar Nerical came up with a new twist on an old idea. Using old mortars,
he scaled it down, armored it and made it incredibly versatile. The mortar
can fire 8 different types of shells so far. Each having a specific purpose.
The weapons have resulted in much use of trench warfare on RanCorp's part.

Model: Elv-122 Stone Rain Mortar
Type: Mortar
Skill: Blaster artillery
Crew: 2
Ammo: 3
Cost: 4,800 credits
Availability: 2,R
Body: 3D
Fire Rate: 3
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 25-165/580/1.2 km
Damage: Varies by shell type

Fragmentation Shell
Scale: Speeder
Cost: 12,000 (box of 100 shells)
Availability: 2,R
Blast Radius: 3-8/14/22
Damage: 5D/4D/3D+2

Concussion Shell
Scale: Speeder
Cost: 18,000 (box of 100 shells)
Availability: 2,R
Blast Radius: 9/15-23/28
Damage: 6D/5D/4D+2

EMP Shell
Scale: Walker
Cost: 20,000 (box of 50 shells)
Availability: 3,R
Blast Radius: 12/20/35
Damage: 4D/3D+2/3D (ionization)

Heat Shell
Scale: speeder
Cost: 20,000 (box of 50 shells)
Availability: 3,R
Blast Radius: 5-8/13/19
Damage: * 5D/4D+1/3D+2 (no scales bonuses against character scale objects caught in blast)

Damage > Resist by        Character Effect                Vehicle Effect
        1-3           -1D all attributes, half move             ------
        4-6        -2D to all attributes, 1/4 move        Controls ionized
        7-9                  Incapacitated                         Lightly Damaged
        10-13                Mortally Wounded                        Heavily Damaged
        14-15                 Dead, all gear melted                Severely Damaged
        16+                --------------                        Vehicle Melted down

Cluster Shell
Scale: character
Cost: 16,000 (box of 100 shells)
Availability: 2,R
Spread: The cluster explosively releases 20 grenades in an overlapping blast pattern.
        the outermost range on each grenade overlaps with the surrounding ones. Thus the
        damage here is actually doubled.
Blast Radius: 4-9/11/15-21 each grenade (280 total)
Damage: 5D/4D/3D+2
Game Notes: Du to the spread anything caught in the outermost ranges receive double damage
as the grenades go off simultaneously. (I.e. 7D+1 damage)

DUD Sensor Shell
cost: 25,000 (box of 25)
Availability: 3,R
Passive: 20/2D
Disguised as un-detonated shell

Seismic Shell
Scale: Walker
Cost: 22,000 (box of 50 shells)
Availability: 3,R
Blast Radius: 15/23/31
Damage: (structures) 5D/4D+2/3D
Damage: (Characters) 3/2/1  rounds (stun)

Nerve Gas Shell
Scale: Speeder
Cost: 26,000 (box of 150 shells)
Availability: 3,R
Blast Radius: 18/22/30
Damage: 5D/4D+2/3D versus Stamina
        0-3 -1D to all actions
        4-8 Incapacitated but still conscious, make moderate stamina roll every
        round to see if character passes out. if succeeds by more than 5 character can
        perform actions again at -3D
        9-12 Unconscious for 2D hours
        13 -1D straight and Dex permanently
        14 Permanent disability of some kind
        15+ death
Game Notes: Gas active for 1D minutes(12 rounds in a minute), roll damage each round.
            Functions as a 1D smoke screen. Blocked by breath mask.

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