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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Vetricon Anti-Repulsor Magnetic Mine

One of Vetricon's engineers was going throguh a security checkpoint one day when
he noticed something. When his speeder pulled into the checkpoint it dropped to the
ground and clung there killing all momentum. He asked the people manning the station
and they told him that it was a special device that acted as a magnet for rpeulsor
fields, so thatr ather than pushing away from the ground, the repulsors clung to it.
The engineer went back to work and started adapting this concept into a mine. The mine
activates when a repulsorlfit field is detected voerhead. it imemdiately generates the
polariyt field turning the repuslorlifts into giant magnets. Colonel Hammer, leader of
Hammer's Slammers, was then called in for a demonstartion on the enw mine. He was not
told how the mine worked beforehand. One can imagine the Colonel's surprise when the four
tanks out on the deomnstration field suddenly came to a deadstop and clung to the ground
unable to mvoe or manuver at all. The effect has a fairly short duration, but it is long
enoguh to leave the effected vehcile relatively helpless and open to enemy fire.

Model: Vetricon Enterprises EN-4 Mine
Type: Anti-tank mine
Scale: speeder
Skill: Demolitions
Cost: 1,200 credits
Effect Radius: 3 meters
Game Notes: Effected vehicle9must be repulsorlfit vehcile)'s move and manvuerability reduce
to 0 and the vehcile comes to a dead stop. This effect lasts for 20 rounds.
Game Notes: the EN-4 is not picked up by typical mine detectors.

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